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Wedge Enem 135 ml solution for rectal application




The instruction for medical use of medicine KLIEN ENEMA the Trade name Klien of Enem Mezhdunarodnoye the unlicensed name Is not present the Dosage form Solution for rectal use Structure 120 ml of drug contain active agents: dihydrophosphate sodium – 19.20 g, sodium of hydrophosphate of 7.20 g excipients: Natrium benzoicum, water the Transparent, flavourless colourless liquid deionized the Description Pharmacotherapeutic group Laxatives. Laxative drugs in enemas. Sodium phosphate. The pharmacological Digidro’s Pharmacokinetics and Monohydrosodium Phosphate properties are not soaked up in a GIT and detains water in an intestines gleam. At use of an enema there is rektalno a water evacuation in intestines. A pharmacodynamics Drug – salt laxative which effect is based on increase with the help of osmotic processes of a delay of water in an intestines gleam. Accumulation of liquid in intestines leads to strengthening of a vermicular movement and the subsequent purgation. Time of approach of effect of 2 – 5 minutes after introduction. Indications – constipations, – preparation for an endoscopic research of a rectum, – preparation for X-ray inspection of abdominal organs, – preparation for surgeries on abdominal organs and also the postoperative period the Route of administration and Rektalno’s doses on 120 ml (one bottle). Before use to lay down on the left side so that the right leg was bent in a knee joint or both legs are bent in knee and chest situation. To remove a protective cap from a bottle and to smoothly enter the greased tip into a rectum. By pressing of a small bottle cylinder to enter liquid into intestines. To take a tip from a rectum. The patient has to keep the specified pose before emergence of strong desire of bowel emptying. It is not obligatory to squeeze out contents up to the end as the bottle contains 15 ml of excess of drug. The adult appoint on one bottle or as directed the doctor. Side effects – allergic reactions, – vomiting, nausea, – an abdominal pain, feeling of fatigue, an abdominal distension, – locally irritant action, – unexpected and severe dehydration, at patients of advanced age as a result of movement of extracellular liquid in intestines, – the provoked hyperphosphatemia can lead to emergence of a hypopotassemia, gipokaltsimiya, gipernatriyemiya, acidosis, leading to spasms, a lethargy, a coma, – an acute renal failure of the Contraindication – individual hypersensitivity to drug components, – impassability of intestines, – perforation of intestines, – children’s age up to 12 years, – hemorrhoidal bleedings, inflammatory bowel diseases, – anal fissures, – erosive cankers of lower parts of a GIT, – pregnancy and the period of a lactation, – diseases of kidneys (including in the anamnesis) Medicinal interactions the Enema need to be applied carefully at the patients applying blockers of calcium channels. The drugs of lithium or other drugs affecting electrolytic balance of an organism that can lead to a hyperphosphatemia, a gipokaptsiyemiya, gipernatriyemichesky dehydration and acidosis. To apply with care to the patients taking the drugs influencing function of kidneys. The APF inhibitors, blockers of receptors of angiotensin applied to treatment of high blood pressure and also non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and Naproxenum belong to these drugs. The persons accepting psychotropic drugs and at treatment of Parkinson’s disease also have to apply an enema Klien Enema with care. The enema can slow down or completely block absorption of oral contraceptives, antiepileptic and anti-diabetic drugs. Special instructions It is necessary to observe accuracy at introduction of a tip to a rectum. It is careful to apply an enema at gastrointestinal impassability, stagnant heart failure, pathological megacolon (both inborn, and acquired), an acute renal failure or at the disturbance of electrolytic balance observed earlier and also to the patients applying diuretics and if colostomy takes place, (imposings of fistula on a colon). To use an enema more than once within 24 hours can be harmful. The potential risk of side effects when exceeding the recommended doses of drugs on the basis of compounds of sodium of phosphates above at persons is more senior than 55 years sick with dehydration, patients with diseases of kidneys, intestinal impassability or inflammation of intestines. The feature of influence of medicine on ability to run vehicles and potentially dangerous mechanisms of Impact of drug on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms after use of drug was not observed. Overdose At use of high doses of drug the development of heavy intoxication is possible (including with a lethal outcome). At overdose of drug the development of a hyperphosphatemia, hypernatremia, hypocalcemia, acidosis, a tetany and gipernatriyemichesky dehydration was noted. Treatment. In intoxication holding the actions directed to maintenance of water and electrolytic balance and also removal of exogenous phosphorus is shown. At overdose carrying out dialysis is effective. There is no specific antidote the Form of release and packing On 135 ml of drug place in plastic bottles with a tip dropper and a cap. On 1 bottle together with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages put Storage conditions in a box of cardboard to Store in the dry place at a temperature from 15 wasps up to 30 Store OS out of children’s reach! A period of storage 3 years not to use after an expiration date Prescription status Without prescription of Proizvoditel Nabikasim Industries (Pvt) of Ltd. 17/24, the Industrial zone Korandzhi, Karachi – Pakistan the Owner of the registration certificate of Nabikasim Industries (Pvt) of Ltd. 17/24, the Industrial zone Korandzhi, Karachi – Pakistan the Address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of products (goods) and responsible for post-registration observation of safety of medicine: SEZ Pharm Aktiv LLP, Almaty, Kunayeva, 18, office 7


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