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Placing your first order at It’s very easy! Just select the items you want to shop, enter your shipping address and payment information and you are home. If you need any assistance try our Live Chat, Email or shoot us a message via whatsapp!

All of our products are obtained from the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Republic of Kazakhstan. Products are sold in the original manufacturer’s packaging and include official documentation for each of our products.

We understand that you may be unaware of strict customs regulations in your country. Therefore, upon your request, we will be happy to issue a refund within 1 week of your payment, unless it is already shipped.

  • For maximum protection most of our products are shipped in a hard carton shipping boxes or poly mailer and are wrapped with bubble foil.
  • Some products, such as ampoules, will be wrapped in aluminum foil to avoid temperature extremes.

You need to place an order of at least $50 worth (include shipping) to get it delivered at your place.

However, we may change the minimum order amount over time, so please get the latest details from our website.

All orders placed through RxEli will automatically receive a confirmation email, if by any chance you do not receive this please send us an email at along with your relevant proof of payment.

All orders are shipped 100% discreetly using non-descript boxes with no identifying marks or branding.

We try to avoid shipping to the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, Singapore, Mexico, Portugal

However, if you are willing to take the risk of returning or recovering the package you can always just shoot us a direct email at and we will arrange delivery or give you more information.

While we do everything we can to prevent any customs fees, holds, or taxes charged to you upon arrival, we cannot guarantee this. If these do occur, the responsibility is the customer’s, and we can not be responsible for paying these costs. If you or customs send the package back due to any of the above reasons we can not issue a refund.