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Spirulina (30 capsules)




Spirulin No. 30 caps.
The vegetable complex Spirulin possesses a broad spectrum of activity. As powerful antioxidant prevents senilism – result of oxidizing processes in an organism. At intensive reception Spirulin cases of restoration of an early gray hair are noted that still was considered as irreversible process.

SPIRULINA. Several thousand species of blue-green seaweed are collectively called a spirulin. In its Ingredients: full-fledged protein, carbohydrates, fats, practically all set of mineral substances necessary for the person, and, in easily assimilable form, vitamins, beta carotene, gamma linolic acid and other biologically active components capable everyone and in total to make powerful positive impact on an organism, to increase its protective forces and, as a result, working capacity, resistance to influence of adverse environmental factors.

Action of an alga of SPIRULINA: compensates vitamin and mineral deficiency, reduces cholesterol level in blood and normalizes arterial blood pressure, stabilizes the content of sugar in blood, regulates a metabolism, promotes decrease in excess body weight, strengthens immunity, suppresses all serotypes of flu, accelerates healing and scarring of wounds and burns, stimulates hemoglobin synthesis, is cleaner of an organism – removal of toxins, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides is promoted, restores work of the haematogenic bodies at radiation, chemical and infectious injuries, prevents by emergence and development of tumors, considerably reduces the rehabilitation period after operation and childbirth, provides fast restoration of an organism after big physical and intellectual activities, increases endurance, slows down aging, improves work of internals, helps at treatment of ulcers, vascular diseases, hemorrhoids, at inflammation of joints, osteochondrosis.

Spirulin the squirrel, than any traditional contains much more (60-70%) food product. The necessary amino acids, (irreplaceable) for activity of a human body, which are its part all provide normal development growing and also requirements of already created and growing old cells. About 87% of protein of a spirulina are easily acquired. It is very important, especially for the elderly people suffering from the lowered functionality of intestines. The Sahara, contained in the spirulena (their from 10 to 20%), are also easily acquired, and, with the minimum quantity of insulin. In this alga there is not enough cholesterol (32.5 mg / 100г) while, for example, in egg 300 mg are the share of the same amount of protein it therefore the regular use of a spirulina leads to decrease in a cholesterol level organism. As a part of a spirulina up to 8% of the fat provided by the major fatty acids. In combination with vitamin E they improve function of bodies of reproduction (for example, gamma linolenic acid is most valuable at treatment of impotence – at men and frigidity, absence there is a libido – at women), promote approach of pregnancy and its normal course, and after the delivery stimulate high milk productivity. Clinical trials show that obesity, the shortage of zinc, alcoholism, a maniacal depression, symptoms of aging and schizophrenia can be connected with deficiency of gamma linolenic acid which main source is maternal milk and a spirulina.

In the spirulena in optimum ratios the major vitamins synthesized by living cells are concentrated: A1, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, PP, C, E, biotin, folic acid, inositol, pantothenate which reception is highly effective. Times more, than in carrots, and vitamin B it is much more beta carotene in the spirulena in 10, than in meat products, bean and various grain (up to 40 its % collapses at culinary processing). On the content of B2 vitamin of a spirulin exceeds any animal products (at its culinary processing about 30% are lost), on the content of Folacinum does not concede to such products as a liver, kidneys, cottage cheese (at its culinary processing about 90% are lost), on RR vitamin content much more exceeds beef liver, kidneys, language, fowl and a rabbit. It follows from this that the use of a spirulina in the natural form is preferable and brings the greatest benefit.

Three pigments dyes of an alga of a spirulin – carotinoids, a chlorophyll and phycocyanin – help an organism to synthesize many enzymes necessary for metabolism regulation. The most important of them is the dark blue-light blue pigment phycocyanin. The researches conducted by the Japanese and American physicians show that phycocyanin strengthens the immune system and increases lymphatic activity of an organism which main function consists in protection of an organism against diseases.

Spirulin, besides a dark blue-light blue alga, enter into structure of a complex as it was already told, iron and folic acid.

IRON first of all is necessary for hemoglobin synthesis, so, for transportation of oxygen to bodies and fabrics. Provides normal functioning of a brain, favorably influences a condition of the immune system. Is a part of a muscle and bone tissue, enzymes of tissue respiration, participates, interacting with B6 and C vitamins, in synthesis of collagen and elastin that defines health of skin, a hair, nails, saves venous walls from danger of a varicosity. Participates in processes of the biological oxidation providing an organism with energy and also in neutralization and removal of various alien substances, drugs and poisons, increasing their water solubility. First of all the organism saturates with iron hemoglobin, however its level within norm as a part of blood does not mean yet that in iron it is enough, and hidden can develop zhelezodefitsit. Symptoms of deficiency of iron are anemia, pallor, delay of mental activity, swallowing difficulty, digestive disorders, dizziness, weakness, short wind (at first at physical activities, and in far come cases and at rest), inflammatory processes in oral cavities, nervousness, obesity, fragility of bones. Hair turn gray, too become fragile, drop out. Fragile, flat, with cross strips the nails are stratified. Shortage control of iron will restore protective and adaptation strength and a metabolism, will allow to avoid various problems with health. It is characteristic that from a complex Spirulin iron is acquired by an organism 60% better, than, for example, from ferrous sulfate. Reception of 4 g Spirulin in day provides fast increase in hemoglobin in blood.

FOLIC ACID (B9 vitamin) in a human body is not synthesized – arrives from the outside with food (contains in green sheet vegetables, bean, nuts and also in the products enriched with folic acid) and is very important for normal processes of growth, development and proliferation of fabrics. According to some information, intake of foliyevay acid reduces risk of developing cervical cancer at the women using hormonal contraceptives. The deficiency of folic acid was connected until recently, generally with pathology of development of the central nervous system and folic and scarce anemia. Today it is also correlated to risk of development of sharp coronary syndromes and strokes. It is considered that folic acid provides prevention of deep venous thromboses and pulmonary embolisms, plays an important role in formation of erythrocytes and reduces risk of the birth of children with defects of a spinal cord. Participates in inflammation process regulation, can reduce symptoms of an allergy and asthma. Healthy people (except for pregnant women) need 400 mkg of folic acid a day.
Any disease is a reaction of an organism to serious physiological violations of its work, for example, of a metabolism. Medicines treat symptoms, without removing a cause of illness. As a result it accepts chronic character and, in turn, provokes another, accompanying diseases. The main advantage Spirulin is that this dietary nutritsevtik restores the broken functions of an organism and forces it to struggle with diseases.

Spirulin it is applied to prevention and in complex therapy: disturbances of work of digestive tract (chronic hepatitis, cholecystitises, liver cirrhoses, gastritises, colitis, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a 12-perstny gut, state after a stomach resection), cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, heart failure, a rheumatic carditis, atherosclerosis), oncological pathology (a tumor of an oral cavity, a stomach, intestines, female genitals, lungs), in radiation medicine (stimulation of process of formation of erythrocytes), diabetes, an iron deficiency anemia, glaucoma, eczema, psoriasis, a dermatosis, at the excess body weight, lag of children in growth and physical development, at it is frequent and long the ill children, in a loss of appetite, for the purpose of an organism detoxication. It is shown to children during a growth period, to girls and women whose balance of iron is exposed to loading in connection with periods, at pregnancy (toxicoses) and breastfeeding, to the athletes losing mineral substances at a potovydeleniya.

The vegetable complex Spirulin possesses a broad spectrum of activity. As powerful antioxidant prevents senilism – result of oxidizing processes in an organism. At intensive reception Spirulin cases of restoration of an early gray hair are noted that still was considered as irreversible process. Unique properties of this nutritsevtik as immunostimulator allow an organism to resist effectively to any viral and bacterial infections. Besides, Spirulin restores work of a pancreas. The patients with diabetes accepting a course Spirulin note sharp lowering of the level of sugar in blood. At constant reception Spirulin the dose of insulin can be reduced twice, and in certain cases – up to total rejection of it! The ability Spirulin effectively is especially relevant for residents of big cities and ecologically adverse areas, employees of the chemical companies and nuclear power plants, miners to bring slags, toxins and radionuclides out of an organism. Spirulin has to become a usual component of a daily diet for all who live and work in harmful conditions.

on 1 capsule a day, at meal time. A reception course – 1 month. It is recommended to repeat a course of 5-6 times a year.

Has no side effects.
Not to accept in case of sensitivity to one of ingredients.

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