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Osteohard (30 tablets)




Osteohard No. 30 of the tablet Ingredients: Calcium – 600 mg (in the form of calcium a carbonate of-1500 mg) Kolekaltsiferol (Vit. DZ)-5 mkg (in the form of a concentrate of a kolekaltsiferol of 2 mg) Pharmacotherapeutic group: Regulator of exchange of calcium and phosphorus. Properties: The combined drug regulating exchange a kalyiya and phosphorus in an organism (bones, teeth, nails, hair, muscles). Reduces a resorption of calcium and increases density of a bone tissue, filling a nedostatokkaltion and DZ vitamin in an organism. It is necessary for a mineralization of teeth. Calcium participates in regulation of nerve conduction, muscular contractions and is a component of a system of fibrillation. DZ vitamin increases absorbability of calcium in intestines. Use of calcium and DZ vitamin interferes with increase in production of parathyroid hormone which yarlyartgya is soaked up by a stimulator of norhi^iifiиной of kogtiy pp^opfSi l l Rhtsmmh DZ in a small intestine. Calcium D-vitamin of the zavisimogotransportny mechanism is soaked up in the ionized form in proximal department of a small intestine by means of active. INDICATIONS: – For prevention and complex therapy of post-menopausal and senile osteoporosis and their complications (bone fractures, osteomalacy). – For completion of deficiency of calcium and/or DZ.PROTIVOPOKAZANIYa vitamin: A hypercalcemia, a hypercalcuria, a nephrolithiasis, a DZ vitamin hypervitaminosis, hypersensitivity to drug components. Use during pregnancy and feeding by a breast: Does not consult to apply to pregnant women without the recommendation of the doctor. The doctor, having defined need for calcium or for DZ vitamin at the pregnant woman, Osteohard can appoint, at respect for norms where the daily dose does not exceed 1200 mg of calcium and 10 mkg vitaminadz. DZ vitamin and its metabolites can get into breast milk therefore the istochnikov of mother and child needs to consider intake of calcium and DZ vitamin from others! Route of administration and doses: At free use by the consumer, it is recommended to respect the rules specified on packing. If drug is appointed by the doctor, it is recommended to respect the following rules: Adult: for prevention of osteoporosis on 1 tablet 1-2 times a day, in complex therapy of osteoporosis on 1 tablet 2-3 times a day. To take a pill at meal time. Side effect: Allergic reactions, digestive tract dysfunction (constipations or diarrhea, a meteorism, nausea, an abdominal pain), a hypercalcemia and a hypercalcuria (the increased calcium content in blood or urine). Overdose symptoms: anorexia, thirst, polyuria, loss of appetite, weakness, nausea, vomiting, hypercalcuria, hypercalcemia. Packaging: Osteohard N30. On 2 blisters on 15 tablets with a leaf insert in cardboard packing. Expiration date: Specified on packing and blisters. Not to apply after expiry date! Storage conditions: To store at a temperature not above 25 °C in dry and out of children’s reach! Prescription status: Without prescription. The owner of a product and trademark is the NOVATOR PHARMA company Great Britain. Office 21.8 Shepherd Market, London, WU 7JY, UK. 147-157 St John Street EC IV 4PY, London, Great Britain are made in PRIMEA LIMITED.


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