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Arthro-versatile 35g of cream-balsam


Brands:: Diod (Russia)


Artro-aktiv (the cream-balm feeding 35.0) Russia the Diode

Chondroitin sulfate of 5%
of the Glycosamine sulfate of 3%
Acetyl glycosamine of 0.5%

Balm should be applied at:
– an osteoarthrosis (arthrosis),
– backbone osteochondrosis,
– injuries of joints in the posttraumatic period,
– for prevention of age and traumatic degenerative dystrophic diseases of joints.

– slows down progressing of an osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis,
– stimulates processes of recovery of an articulate cartilage, prevents further destruction of cartilaginous tissue,
– improves lubricant of joints: normalizes structure, production of intra articulate liquid, improves its greasing properties,
– improves mobility and functions of the affected joints,
– activates blood circulation in the field of the affected joint, improves food of an articulate cartilage,
– has moderate anti-inflammatory effect.
Route of administration:

To apply cream-balm a uniform thin layer to skin in joints. Cream-balm completely to be absorbed within 2-3 minutes and 10-12 hours work.
A course of treatment – 6-12 weeks. For prevention of exacerbation of diseases of joints to repeat a course in 2-6 months.

Hypersensitivity to product components.
Term and storage conditions:

To store in the cool, protected from light place.
Expiration date of 12 months.
Manufacturer: JSC DIOD, Russia, 115114, Moscow, Derbenevskaya St., 11-A


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