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Orliks ​​(30 tablets)


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Instruction for use and also thirty tablets. Indications of Orlix are appointed as dietary supplement. Active active ingredients – a source of enzyme of a class of hydrolases. Drug is developed for use at meal time. Effectively eliminates the meteorism caused by consumption of vegetables, fruit or incompatible food. Side effects In the summary to use of drug there is no information on the possible side effects caused by Orlix’s reception. Dietary supplement can provoke an allergy in the form of an itching, rashes, a Quincke’s edema. But such reaction is shown only if the patient has a hypersensitivity to one z of components of drug. Contraindications It is forbidden to accept Orlix to patients with individual intolerance to acting or to excipients of drug. How to store Orlix it is possible to use within three years from the moment of production. For maintaining properties it is necessary to create special conditions. Temperature indoors should not be higher than +25 degrees. It is also very important to control air humidity level. Use at pregnancy of Orlix is forbidden to be accepted during incubation of the child and breastfeeding. The way and features of use Appoint drug to adult patients. The standard daily rate is from one to three tablets. For the best efficiency the producer recommends to use tablets with the first portions of gas-forming products – bean, all species of cabbage, garlic, parsley, etc. Before use it is necessary to get advice of the expert. Standardly drug is appointed by three times a day – during a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. It is necessary to accept in that case two tablets. For the planned easy having a snack one tablet suffices. If at the patient the action with a plentiful feast is planned, three tablets of dietary supplement are required. The compatibility with alcohol In the summary to use of drug is absent information on possible consequences of the simultaneous use of dietary supplement and alcoholic beverages. Experts claim that at a meteorism and other problems with a digestive tract, from intake of ethanol the unpleasant feelings can only be aggravated. Results of researches showed that the drunk alcohol comes to a small intestine along with badly digested food on average in 24 hours. Patients at the same time feel pain in the lower part of a stomach. In a large intestine substance causes the increased gas generation and also irritates walls of body. A large amount of ethanol destroys protective slime and useful microflora of a stomach. An abdominal distension – one of unpleasant consequences of the frequent consumption of beer. Fermentation continues in a stomach therefore in the weakened organism even several drinks of drink can cause a meteorism and pain. Interaction with other drugs Information on potential impact of medicines after Orlix’s reception is not specified an organism in the summary. It is possible to take the drug in a complex with other medicines only according to the decision of the expert. Overdose Clinical cases of emergence of undesirable reactions after the excessive use of drug are not recorded. The pharmacological company recommends to adhere to the norm specified in the instruction.


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