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Vulcan Tao 44 ml gel balm Soest. and muscles




Vulcan Dao
Gel-balzamshuster of Pharmaceutical LTD (LLC Schuster Pharmasyuetikl) Explosive energy of a volcano gives a combination 1) formic acid, 2) hot Cayenne pepper and 3) apitoxin. Enhance effect 4) oils of medical plants and 5) beeswax. Fivefold effect of natural sources of power which can be received only at the nature. Powerful power influence stimulates restoration of the main functions of a capillary system, improves blood circulation and microcirculation in problem area.
The magnificent warming properties of the substances which are a part render:

the anesthetizing,
strongest protivoradikulitny and
antirheumatic action.
Active components help at:

joint pains
backbone pains
back muscle pains
osteochondrosis (adjournment of salts), a lumbago in a waist, arthritises, polyarthritises, arthroses, gout,
traumatic bruises, bruises, hypostases,
dislocations and sprains of muscles and joints.
Gel-balm Vulcan perfectly suits DAO:

for a warming up of muscles before sports trainings,
for removal of the fatigue caused by heavy physical activities
for elimination of the unpleasant feelings connected with weather conditions in musculoskeletal system diseases.
Vulcan of DAO makes aromaterapevtichesky impact, calms.
Formic acid (ant alcohol) possesses magnificent soothing, anti-inflammatory, warming, getting and toning properties.
Apitoxin — the most powerful immunostimulator and an immunomodulator. Possesses unique soothing and anti-inflammatory actions, many times over increases permeability of integuments, allowing, to curative substances to get deeply into body tissues. It is applied to treatment of many diseases, including, in diseases of joints, muscles, vessels.
The Cayenne pepper siliculose (Chile) is used as the warming cure for rheumatism, sciatica, arthritises, a lumbago in a waist, dislocations and bruises, in frostbites, stimulates blood circulation, it is recommended in cold and migraine. Has sudorific, antiseptic, antibacterial effect, tones up nervous system.
The carnation (essential oil) possesses soothing, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and pronounced antiseptic action.
An eucalyptus — a strong antiseptic agent, put to the inflamed places and to sore joints, use in rheumatic and artritny pains.
The peppermint — ‘If someone can call all properties of mint, so he knows how many fishes swim in the Indian Ocean’. (Vilafrid Strabonsky, XII c).
Mint possesses tonic, soothing, calming properties, expands peripheral blood vessels. Has strong aromaterapevtichesky effect as febrifugal it is irreplaceable in cold and flu, has sudorific effect.
Camphor has soothing and antiseptic effect at inflammatory processes, rheumatism, arthritises, arthroses, polyarthritises.
The pine (essential oil) is known as soothing and antiseptic, apply in gout and rheumatism, in the diseases of skin connected with disbolism.


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