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Rubbing Dr.Vera for children with colds with eucalyptus and aniseed 45 g


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Doctor Vera a pulverizing for a telaform of release the Pulverizing for children. Structure of Petrolatum, Paraffin, Turpentine, Camphora, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil (essential oil of an eucalyptus), Pimpinella Anisum Seed Oil (essential oil of an anise). Packing of Bank of 45 g. Pharmacological action the Pulverizing for a body with an eucalyptus and an anise in cold contains essential oils of an anise and an eucalyptus, camphor, turpentine. Active components as a part of a pulverizing have the antiseptic, anesthetizing, anti-cold and febrifugal properties. The special shovel for usability of a product is enclosed in packing. An anise essential oil – has antiseptic properties. It is used in catarrhal and inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs, possesses the expectorating, softening action, is a part of all chest elixirs. An eucalyptus essential oil – possesses very strong antiseptic action. The eucalyptus eliminates increased fatigue, drowsiness. It is applied in inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs and nasopharynxes. Has anti-cold and febrifugal effect. Promotes digestion of oxygen cells of fabrics of our organism. Turpentine – is applied in musculoskeletal system diseases, has anesthetizing effect (due to the irritating influence on fabrics) and anti-inflammatory action which can be explained it with antiseptic properties. At introduction through an inhaler to respiratory organs turpentine causes irritation of bronchial glands and by that stimulates their secretory activity, promotes reduction of viscosity of a phlegm, that is works as expectorant. Camphor – has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal properties, facilitates cold simtoma, cough, congestion of a nose of the Indication At congestion of a nose and cold. For simplification of cough and a sore throat, breath improvement. As means for compresses and inhalations. Contraindications Individual intolerance of components, only for external use. Route of administration and doses External means. For children 2 years are more senior. To apply a small amount of a pulverizing to skin in nose bosoms (outside), to the area of a breast, back, as the warming means in the field of feet. Easy movements to pound. To apply 2–4 times a day. Special instructions At accidental hit in eyes and on mucous membranes need to be washed with water! Contraindications Individual intolerance of components, only for external use! Expiration date 3 years. After opening of packing to store no more than 1 year


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