Artromaksimum 5 days 0.33g (60 capsules)s (fast relief joints)

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Artromaksimum 5 days Quick help to joints Statistically, about a third of the population of the planet suffers from diseases with joints. For various reasons (age, specifics of work, an injury, excess body weight, etc.) there are disturbances of operation of the musculoskeletal system: we feel discomfort at the movement, joints and a backbone disturb. The majority of problems with joints arises because of our inattention to own health. At the first sensations of discomfort in joints whether there are they at the movement or after a dream, it is impossible to hesitate, – it is necessary to take in due time measures to prevent distribution of destructive processes in joints which will worsen further their state. At emergence of signs of discomfort in joints, to joints the natural plant extracts having the proved properties in this orientation and well-known around the world have a great opportunity in quick help. Specialists of the Evalar company, based on world innovations in this area, developed the original product Artromaksimum 5 Days which differs in the combined reception course calculated on 45 days: 1. The first 5 days: the strengthened drug dosage – on 2 capsules 2 times a day, 2. Before the termination of a course – on 1 capsule a day. Artromaksimum 5 days promotes fast achievement of comfort of movements – in 5 days – and to its further fixing at course reception, to improvement of mobility and flexibility of joints and a backbone. Complex action is caused by the balanced structure of five main components: extracts of a boswelliya, burdock, willow white, a turmeric and ginger and also a metilsulfonilmetan (MSM) – a source of sulfur and volcanic tuff (extract of black pepper) for strengthening of action of structure. How do ingredients work? · Boswelliya extract – boswelliya tree pitch extract, contains mix of boswelliyevy acids which help an organism to cope with manifestation of negative processes in joints, facilitates access of blood to joints and fabrics that provides their nutritious support. · Burdock extract. It is known that the root of a burdock contains the β-factor showing immunomodulatory, antioxidant action reduces the level of uric acid. It is widely applied to reduction of puffiness, and as the means improving water salt metabolism in an organism. · Extract of a willow white contains salicin – natural substance, on the structure similar to acetylsalicylic acid therefore it is called natural aspirin. · Turmeric extract. Long since reception of a turmeric was recommended to both children and people of old age for strengthening of sheaves and a bone tissue. This plant has unique properties which interfere with development of adverse processes in joints. · Extract of ginger improves microcirculation and provides delivery of biologically active agents to joints, possesses the significant antioxidant action and also suppresses synthesis of prostaglandins. · Metilsulfonilmetan (MSM) is an organosulfur connection with the significant action. Its use allows to lower sensations of discomfort in joints and ligaments. MSM contains 34% of bioavailable sulfur, and it is necessary for protein synthesis in an organism which form muscles, sheaves and bones. · Volcanic tuff (extract of black pepper). Volcanic tuff from black pepper multiplies force of other components, increases activity of enzymes and accelerates a blood stream that promotes improvement and activization of self-control of work of the damaged body tissues. 1 packing on a course. 1 capsule contains structure: Mass of % of RSN Metilsulfonilmetan of 80 mg of Fitoformul Evalar (extracts of a boswelliya, burdock, willow white, turmerics, ginger, black pepper) including curcumine 222 mg20 mg 40 MKTs (filler), magnesium stearate of plant origin (antislezhivayushchy additive) Additional information Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 19.01.2015. A route of administration the Adult on 2 capsules 2 times a day at meal time within 5 days. Further on 1 capsule a day at meal time. Duration of reception is 1.5 months. 2-3 courses a year are recommended. The form of release of the Capsule No. 60 Mass of the Capsule Is 0.33 G is not recommended Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor.
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