Gelenk Maps Drink 21's ampoule

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The addition to food promoting strengthening of joints. GELENK Kartila drink is a concentrated Gelenk Narung in the liquid state. Drink contains a hydrolyzate of collagen and vitamin E. The hydrolyzate of collagen strengthens the cartilaginous surface of joints and intervertebral disks, helps with production of intra articulate liquid. The joints which are under constant loads need additional food.
GELENK of Cartila Drink delivers to an organism a high-quality hydrolyzate of collagen which, having high biological potential, helps an organism to carry necessary nutrients to joints. Big advantage of this drug before others, is that it contains a big dosage of a hydrolyzate of collagen of 10 g in one small bottle, a daily dose. At the expense of it, the efficiency of impact on a cartilaginous surface is much higher. GELENK of Cartila Drink has no side, undesirable effects. It can be accepted, both for prevention, and during exacerbation of a disease.
The vitamin E which is contained in drink positively influences a cardiovascular system, improves blood supply, accelerates healing of wounds.
Drink is convenient in use. Drink has great fruit taste. Packing is expected 21 days of reception. One ampoule is drunk once a day, at any time. The ampoule before the use is recommended to be stirred up, drink can be parted in water. Recomennutsya to take the drug for not less than three months. Has pleasant fruit taste.
Hydrolyzate of collagen of 40 g.
Vitamin E of 40 mg.
Citric acid
Sweetener: natriumtsuklamat, to atsesulfa To, saccharin-sodium
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