Yukan Scorpio 1's patch for magnetic body (orthopedic)

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Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Eliminates pain in rheumatism, a chondrosis, arthritis, sciatica, in cervical, chest and lumbar osteochondrosis. Means is effective in a hyperostosis, reduces hypostases, treats a cervical spondylopathy, a prolapse of a lumbar intervertebral disk, a pseudorheumatism, a humeroscapular and elbow periarthritis, interscapular and lumbar pains, lumbosacral sciatica, arthrosis of knee joints. Improves a metabolism, removes puffiness, improves blood circulation, quickly anesthetizes. Restores physical activity.

Milletiya's list mesh, tsistankha saline, drinariya, tsibotium, angelica runcinate, safflower, Bornean camphor, crested bird dense.

Milletiya mesh helps in poliartritny pains and numbness of hands or legs, has anti-inflammatory and antineoplastic effect.

Tsistankhe saline improves a metabolism, normalizes a condition of a blood-groove, removes puffiness of fabrics, anesthetizes, helps in rheumatism, arthritis.

Drinariya anesthetizes effective, helps in injuries, bruises, stretchings, strengthens bones and sheaves, removes puffiness and inflammation of joints.

Tsibotium has antirheumatic effect, is effective at inflammatory and degenerative dystrophic damages of joints. Positively influences a condition of skeletal muscles.

The angelica runcinate is used as anti-inflammatory, sedative in rheumatism, has antineoplastic activity.

The safflower removes inflammatory processes, improves blood circulation, makes fortifying impact on an organism.

The Bornean camphor proved as highly effective and safe means for topical treatment of rheumatic diseases.

The crested bird dense has anesthetic, the spasmolytic and calming effect.

A route of administration

to Paste a plaster on a sore point, previously having degreased skin warm water or alcohol-containing solution. To use 1-2 days. Then to take a break for 3-5 hours. To paste the following plaster too for 1-2 days. The recommended use course - 5 pieces (5-10 days). For the best result 2-3 courses of use with a break between courses are recommended 1-2 days.

At orthopedic problems of a backbone the best result is yielded by imposing of two plasters at the same time: one - in lumbosacral area, the second - in cervical and scapular area (in places of localization of pain).

For the best effect it is recommended to combine use of antirheumatic plasters with plasters detox for removal of salts and toxins from an organism.


Individual intolerance of components, to pregnant women and the feeding women in view of lack of clinical data, in oncological diseases. Not to paste on the damaged sites of skin.
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