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Sentiss (India)
COMBINED-Duo eye/ear drops 5 ml
Rompharm (Romania)
Dropleks 15 ml ear drops
Glenmark (India)
Kandibiotik 5ml ear drops
E.I.P.I.Ko (Egypt)
Neladex drops 5 ml eye/ear
MEDOPTIKA (Kazakhstan)
Neomycin + Dexamethasone Eye, Ear and Nose Drops (5 ml)
ipca (India)
Normaks 0.3% eye drops 5 ml / ear
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Dosfarm (Kazakhstan)
NRTIs-DF 10 ml ear drops
Laboratoires Biocodex (France)
Otipax® (Lidocaine + Phenazone) ear drops, 15 ml
Lecos (Kazakhstan)
Otipol 5ml ear drops
Rompharm (Romania)
Otirelax (Lidocaine + Phenazone) 15 ml ear drops
Orion (Finland)
Remo-Wax 10 ml ear drops
Sanofi (India)
Sofradeks eye drops 5 ml / ear
Sentiss (India)
Tsipromed 3 mg / ml 10 ml ear drops

Discover our selection of ear care products designed to treat and prevent ear infections and discomfort. Our range includes medications with active ingredients such as Ciprofloxacin, Dexamethasone, Framycetin, and Norfloxacin, ensuring relief from bacterial infections and inflammation. Our products cater to both routine ear hygiene and more serious conditions, offering high-quality solutions to maintain ear health.