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Akrta Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Aktitsil 30g of cream in a tube
Jelfa (Poland)
Argosulfan 15g of 2% cream
Jelfa (Poland)
Argosulfan 40g of 2% cream
Pharmazeutischt Fabrik Montavit GmbH (Austria)
Baneotsin 5000me + 250 IU / 1g 10g powder for external use
Pharmacy 2010 (Kazakhstan)
Chloramphenicol 1 ml 10% alcohol solution ext.
Salyutas Pharma GmbH (Germany)
Dermazin 50g 1% cream in the tube
Unique Pharmaceutical Labs (India)
Metrogil 1% gel 30g ext.
Nobel AFF (Kazakhstan)
Mupobel 15g of 2% cream for external use in a tube
Jadran Galenski Laboratory (Croatia)
Rozamet 1% 25g cream for external use
Oxford Labs (India)
Silker 50g cream for external use in a tube
Altayvitaminy (Russia)
Sintomitsina 10% 25g in tube liniment
ShansharovPharm (Kazakhstan)
Streptocide Ointment (Sulfanilamide) 10%, 25 g
Grindeks (Latvia)
SULFARGIN® (Silver Sulfadiazine) Ointment 1% 50g tube
Biosintez (Russia)
Tetracycline 3% 15g ointment tube
Borshchahivskiy CPP/BCPP (Ukraine)
GENTASEPT (Gentamicin) powder
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Nobel AFF (Kazakhstan)
Mupobel 2% 15g ointment tube
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Sintez (Russia)
Tetracycline-Akos 3% 15g ointment tube
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