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Orion (Finland)
FARESTON® (Toremifene) 20 mg/60 mg
Actavis Ltd (Malta)
Letrozole Actavis 2.5 mg, 30 tablets
Valenta Pharm (Russia)
Methotrexate 50s 2.5 mg coated tablets
MIRAX Biopharma (Russia)
Promisan 0.55g (120 capsules)
Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm (Kazakhstan)
Tamoxifen 20mg (30 tablets)
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Explore a range of medications for cancer treatment and management. This category features active ingredients such as Letrozole, Methotrexate, Tamoxifen, Toremifene, and more. These medications are essential for inhibiting tumor growth and managing cancer symptoms effectively. Access reliable treatments for various types of cancer and support your oncological care needs with our comprehensive selection