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Frutolaks 0.5g (30 capsules)


Brands:: VIS (Russia)


the Structure and a form vypuskafrutolaks syrup In 150 ml of syrup contains: prunes of 75.2%, fruits of a fig of 6.5%, fruits of an apricot of 6.5%, leaves of Senna of 1.5%, fennel ordinary, fruits of 1.0%, lactulose of 1.0%. Excipients: sugar, citric acid (E330), sodium benzoate (E211), water, in a bottle of 150 ml of syrup.
Frutolaks capsules contains In 1 capsule weighing 0.4 g: pectin – a cellulose complex (food fibers of sugar beet) of 0.15 g, dry juice of sugar beet of 0.06 g, lactulose of 0.08 g, extract of a leaf of Senna of 0.04 g, leaves of Senna of 0.03 g, prunes of 0.01 g, fruits of a fig of 0.01 g, fruits of an apricot of 0.01 g, fruits of fennel of ordinary 0.01 g, in packing of 30 and 36 capsules.
Pharmacological action of Frutolaks – dietary supplement to food. Is not medicine. Prunes work as soft laxative, stimulating muscles of a large intestine. Prunes normalize work of a system of digestion, increase appetite and secretion of gastric juice. The fig contains pectin which works as soft laxative during insufficiently active work of intestines and constipations. The apricot possesses fortifying, laxative, weak diuretic, antiatherosclerotic action, improves a metabolism and a hemopoiesis. Senna is applied as laxative at an atony of a large intestine, usual constipations. Lactulose stimulates an intestines peritstaltika, has hyperosmotic laxative effect, improves absorption of phosphates and salts of calcium, promotes removal of ions of ammonium. Fennel has spasmolytic and carminative effect, increases secretion of digestive glands.

Frutolaks, indications
– Dietary supplement to food is a source of soluble food fibers, anthraquinones and lactuloses. – As vegetable depletive.
Contraindications – Individual intolerance of components Frutolaks. – Pregnancy. – Feeding by a breast. – Acute intestinal diseases.
Use at pregnancy and feeding grudyyuprotivopokazano.
Route of administration and dozysirop: inside, in the second half of day at meal time. Adult: on the 2nd tea to a spoon (10 ml). To children 14 years are more senior: on 1 teaspoon (5 ml). Reception duration – 2 weeks. If necessary reception can be repeated. Capsules: adult: on 2-4 capsules. To children 14 years are more senior: on 2 capsules in the second half of day at meal time. Reception duration: 2 weeks. If necessary reception can be repeated.
Special ukazaniyapered use recommends to consult with the doctor.
Conditions to hraneniyakhranit in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature not above 25 °C.
An expiration date – 2 years.


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