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Amilakt-3 Baby 10ml drops

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Dietary supplement to the pishchena is medicine
It is recommended to accept at symptoms which accompany disturbance of balance of indestinal flora, in food disorders
the Recommended daily dose makes 0.5 ml - 8 drops or 1 ml - 16 drops in a dendozirovaniye is carried out by means of the graduated pipette
Babies aged from 0+ month and to children up to 3 years the recommended daily dose of 0.5 ml - 8 drops in denv 0.5 ml not less than 175 billion contain. For
WHICH 4-12 years 1 ml - 16 drops a day is recommended. 1 ml contains not less than 3.5 billion. Which
Also a product adults with the complicated swallowing can accept
Preparation: to pour out all contents of a sachet in a bottle with oil, to close, using a cover with a dropper and it is good to mix
Drops it is possible to accept in pure form on a teaspoon or previously having diluted in 1/2 glasses of milk, or any other liquid (camomile, tea, juice) to the cold or warm water (which is not exceeding 37C). The product is recommended to be accepted in 30 minutes prior to food
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