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Chlorpromazine-NS. 100 mg 10s dragee




The instruction for medical use
Producers the Shchyolkovo vitamin plant (Russia)
of PharmGrupp Neuroleptiki – derivatives of a fenotiazin

the International non-proprietary name Chlorpromazinum Order of release Is released on the prescription
Structure Active agent – Chlorpromazinum.
Pharmacological action Antipsychotic, antipsychotic, sedative, myorelaxation, antiemetic. Blocks the central adrenergic and dofaminergichesky receptors. One of the main features of Chlorpromazinum is presence of strong sedation. The general calm at the same time is combined with oppression of uslovnoreflektorny activity and first of all motive defensive reflexes, reduction of spontaneous physical activity, relaxation of skeletal muscles, lowering of reactivity. Consciousness remains. Has expressed antiemetic and protivoikotny effects. Has hypothermal effect, however in some cases at parenteral administration the body temperature can increase. Reduces arterial blood pressure, causes tachycardia. The main feature is the combination of antipsychotic action to ability to influence the emotional sphere. Stops different types of psychomotor excitement, nonsense, hallucinations, fear and alarm at patients with psychoses and neurosises. Causes development of extrapyramidal disturbances. In a GIT it is soaked up badly, a considerable part is exposed to biotransformation in a liver. Duration of therapeutic action at single introduction is about 6 hours. It is removed by kidneys and through intestines (during many days).
Indications In psychiatry – acute and chronic paranoid and hallucinatory conditions, psychomotor excitement in schizophrenia, maniacal excitement in manic-depressive psychosis, psychotic disorders in epilepsy, alcoholic psychosis. In neurology – increase in a muscle tone, persistent insomnia, the epileptic status. As antiemetic – Menyer’s disease, sometimes in pernicious vomiting of pregnant women, at treatment by antineoplastic drugs, radiation therapy. In anesthesiology – for premedication and potentiation of an anesthesia, at an artificial hypothermia. In dermatology – a pruritic dermatosis.
Contraindications the Heavy liver or renal failure, the progressing general diseases of a head and spinal cord, comas, brain injuries, the significant oppression of a hemopoiesis, a myxedema, dekompensirovanny heart diseases, active rheumatism, a thromboembolic syndrome, a bronchoectatic disease, cholelithic and urolithic diseases, an acute pyelitis, exacerbation of erosive and ulcer gastrointestinal diseases, pregnancy.
Side effect Local: at hit of solution on skin and mucous – irritation of fabrics, at intramuscular introduction – infiltrates, at intravenous administration – phlebitis. The general: at prolonged use – an antipsychotic syndrome, a depression, at intravenous administration – hypotension, at intake – a dispeptic syndrome.
Interaction Antacids and Cimetidinum reduce absorption. Enhances effect of hypnotic drugs, drugs, analgetics, local anesthetics, anticonvulsants, reduces – cardiac glycosides. At a combination to M-holinoblokatorami the summation of cholinolytic effects is observed. Estrogen increases antipsychotic properties.
The overdose Is shown by an antipsychotic syndrome, persistent hypotension, a hypothermia, a coma, later – toxic hepatitis.
Route of administration and dosage Inside: the adult – on 25-600 mg a day, the maximum single dose – 300 mg. To children – 1 mg/kg of body weight a day.
Special instructions At long-term treatment it is necessary to control cellular composition of blood, the prothrombin ratio, function of a liver and kidneys. After an injection it is desirable for patients to be within 1-1.5 hours in horizontal position.
Storage conditions In the place protected from light. List B.

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