Superchistotelo KLEO 1,2 ml of liq. ext.

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Cosmetic on care for skin of Superchistotel, the Kleo trademark. Ingredients: the distilled water, hydrosodium carbonate, sodium chloride, a sodium hydroxide. Route of administration: before the procedure to define the site for processing and to steam out it in warm water. to apply only to sites with excess keratinization! it is plentiful to grease healthy skin around the processed site with fat cream. to apply with the applicator one drop of liquid on the processed site. Not to allow its spreading! during the procedure the feeling of easy burning is admissible emergence of black dots on the processed site of skin testifies to the beginning of process of dying off of skin cells in 1-2 days the skin exfoliation on the processed site will begin, for 3-4 day the skin will be cleaned. larger imperfections of skin are recommended to be processed liquid after skin exfoliation repeatedly. Prevention: only for external use. Not to apply in inside! liquid for individual use! not to apply to face skin care. not to allow hit of liquid on healthy sites of skin and not to remove mucous membranes of a birthmark! to protect from children! Security measures: at hit in eyes — immediately, within 10 minutes to wash eyes with flowing water. At hit of cosmetic liquid on healthy skin and mucous membranes it is necessary to wash out urgently their plentiful amount of water within 10-15 minutes, then to make a lotion of 5% solution of citric acid. Storage conditions: to store in hermetically closed bottle at a temperature from 0 to +30os. Expiration date: 3 years Packaging: transparent liquid in a glass test tube of 3.6 ml and 1.2 ml on the individual cardboard tablet in the blister packing. The insignificant deposit is allowed. TU 20.42.15-006-05350236-2016 (TU 9158-006-05350236-2016) Manufacturer: LLC AromaMarka, 142108, Russian Federation, Moscow region, Podolsk, Borodinsky Boulevard, 15, room 11, room 1
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