Palora 30s 100 mg film-coated tablets

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The instruction for medical use

of PALORA® medicine

Trade name

the International unlicensed name
Is not present

the Dosage form
of the Tablet, film coated, 100 mg

One tablet contains
active agent – passionflowers extract dry (contains 3.5% of a flavonoid of a viteksin) 100 mg
excipients: PVP K30 (povidone), krospovidon, sodium of a kroskarmelloz, aerosil 200 (silicon dioxide colloidal anhydrous), cellulose microcrystalline PH 102, magnesium stearate
structure of a cover: methylhydroxypropyl cellulose, cellulose microcrystalline, stearic acid, aluminum potassium silicate, ferrous oxide red.

The description
Uniform tablets, film coated colors of red wine, with a biconvex surface.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
the Code of automatic telephone exchange N05CM

the Pharmacological
Passionflower Extract properties (passionflower) receive Somnolent and sedative drugs from Passiflora incarnata plant. Passionflowers extract supports group of alkaloids, such as harman, garmol, harmaline (hallucinogen), harmin, garmalol and aribin, and some flavonoids, such as viteksin and oriyentin. Extract also contains apigenin, having spasmolytic activity.
These substances make combined effect on central nervous system and possess sedative, hypnotic drugs, anesthetics, anxiolytic and spasmolytic properties.
As natural extract of a passionflower does not cause dependence and by-effects, it is safer in comparison with tranquilizers and barbiturates.
Палора® has sedative effect on the central nervous system in the period of abstinency. Drug reduces the need for alcohol, eliminates neurotic disorders, improves mood, a dream, increases working capacity, reduces dizziness, sonitus.

- for decrease in nervous tension and vegetative disturbances in atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, a hypertension, a state after cerebral vascular crises, posttraumatic encephalopathy, a postcontusional syndrome, postgrippal encephalitis and arachnoidites, a postinfectious asthenia
- insomnia (easy forms)
- an alcoholism (in complex therapy)
- functional diseases of GIT and the cardiovascular system caused by a nerve strain
- irritability during the menstrual, climacteric and
premenopausal periods

the Route of administration and doses
For achievement of sedative action during the day – on 100 mg 3 times a day before food.
In insomnia on 200 – 300 mg for an hour to a dream.
A course of treatment – from 3rd to 4 weeks.

Side effects
- spasms
- oppression of central nervous system
- hypotension
- a hypothermia

Contraindication paralysis
- hypersensitivity to any of drug components
- children up to 16 years

Medicinal interaction
Combined use ПАЛОРА® with the substances oppressing the central nervous system (alcohol, barbiturates, tranquilizers) can cause strengthening of sedative and somnolent effect

Special instructions
With care are appointed in a serious organic illness digestive tract.
It is necessary to avoid a concomitant use of drug with MAO inhibitors.
Use in pediatric practice.
There are no data on use of drug in a pediatric parktika. This dosage form is not recommended to be applied to children up to 16 years.
Pregnancy and a lactation
Use of drug during pregnancy and a lactation is possible in cases when the expected advantage of therapy for mother exceeds potential risk for a fruit or the child.
The feature of influence of medicine on ability to run vehicles and potentially dangerous mechanisms
of Patients should inform on the danger connected with control of automobiles, service of the mechanical equipment and other potentially dangerous types of activity.

The overdose
is not revealed

the Form of release and packing
of the Tablet, film coated, 100 mg.
In the blister on 10 tablets, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 blisters in a cardboard pack together with the instruction for use.

To Store storage conditions at a temperature not above 25 °C in the dry, protected from light place.
To store out of children's reach!

A period of storage
2 years
not to apply after a period of storage

Prescription status
Without prescription

Republic of Kazakhstan JSC NOBEL Almatinskaya Pharmatsevticheskaya Fabrika Producer
Almaty, Shevchenko St. 162 E.
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