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The SEA-BUCKTHORN with mumiyo FORTE cream-balm zazhivlyayushchiykrem-balm the Sea-buckthorn from a mummy Forte Healing the 7 Notes of Health trademark Sea-buckthorn oil on the content of biologically active agents has not equal among vegetable oils. The sea-buckthorn contains record amount of vitamin E - tocopherol. The abundance of vitamins, microelements, presence of palmito-oleic acid, (seldom meeting in flora), stimulates processes of dermal respiration and blood circulation, accelerating healing of microtraumas on skin. Effect of active components of cream-balm: - stimulate angenesis, - have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic effect, - promotes restoration of integuments, - accelerate process of healing of superficial wounds, all types of burns, grazes, ulcers of various etiology, - create the protective film necessary for wound healing process, - soften a corneal layer, ustraknyat irritations and xeroderma. Ingredients: Aqua, PEG-8 Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, Polyvinyl Butyl Ether, Glyceryl Stearate, Panthenol, Stearic Acid, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Glycine HispidaOil, Shilajit (Mumijo), Allantoin, Parfum, HippophaeRham-noidesOil, Methylparaben, Propyl-paraben, Tocopheryl Acetate, SC-C02 Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, SC-C02 Plantago Extract, Retinyl Palmitate. Scope: for accelerated zazhivleniyapoverkhnostny injuries of skin: grazes, scratches, superficial porekz, scrapes, burns (including, solar), an intertrigo, decubituses, irritations, having combed after stings of insects. Important! Even the most insignificant wound can become entrance infection atriums and cause suppuration. Therefore it is so important to process immediately a wound an antiseptic agent then to use cream-balm for wounds the Sea-buckthorn with mumiyo Forte for healing process acceleration. The factors which are slowing down healing: - pollution and infection of a wound surface, - inflammation development, Efficiency of cream-balm for wounds the Sea-buckthorn with mumiyo is Forte caused by complex action of the highly active natural components rendering antiseptic, the wound healing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, bacteriostatic, anesthetizing, immunostimulating, bolekutolyayushchy, antioxidant action. Asphaltum - natural education, difficult on chemical structure, a unique natural biostimulant. More than 3000 years it is widely used in medicine as the means strengthening regenerative processes in an orgaknizm and also rendering local wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antiedematous, anti-toxic, immunopromoting effect. Oil of a sea-buckthorn (Hippophae) - the richest source of biologically active agents accelerating restoration and cell renewal. It is widely applied to fast healing of wounds, acceleration of granulation and epithelization of fabrics, to reduction of pains at inflammatory processes. The calendula medicinal (Calen-dula officinalis) has expressed anti-inflammatory, protivo-microbic, wound healing, bactericidal properties. It is long since applied at treatment of long not healing wounds and ulcers. D-panthenol (dekspantenol) - highly effective protivoozhokgovy means, provitamin of pantothenic acid, a component of membranes of all healthy cells. Provides cells with energy and nutrients, promotes development of antibodies, has anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates growth and cell regeneration. Thanks to low molecular weight, hydrofil-to Nosta and low-polarity, gets into all layers of skin, stimulates angenesis, considerably accelerating healing of the injured skin. Normalizes cellular metabolism, activates synthesis of collagen and increases durability of collagenic fibers, stimulates growth of healthy cells of a basal layer of epidermis. The plantain thanks to the content of silicon and tannins, renders the fine strengthening, dezinfiktsiruyushchy, bacterial action. Allantoin promotes department of the died-off cells, stimulating rege-neratsiyutkany.Advantages of cream-balm to wounds the Sea-buckthorn with mumiyo Forte:. considerably reduces terms of healing of injuries of skin. does not contain hormonal and antibiotic components. has high penetration. does not cause an allergy and irritation. interferes with formation of hems. Route of administration: to apply cream on the damaged site (superficial wounds) before full absorption, up to final healing. At disturbances of integrity of an integument previously to process a wound an antiseptic agent. Not to apply on an open wound. Precautionary measures: not to allow hit on mucous. Contraindications: individual intolerance of components. Made: LLC KorolyovPharm, 141074, Russian Federation, Moscow Region, Koroklev, Pionerskaya St., 4 by request Skimed, 129626, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kulakov Lane, 9, building 1, floor 5, office 523 the Authorized representative of the manufacturer on acceptance of claims from the consumer: LLC Skimed, 129626, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kulakov Lane, 9, building 1, floor 5, office 523. Phone number: (495) 686-08-42 There corresponds TR CU 009/2011 Packaging: tuba of 75 ml. Storage conditions: to store at a temperature from + 5 up to +25 °C. Expiration date: 24 months. Date of production is specified on a tuba seam. Is not medicine. The organization accepting prektenziya (offer) in RK: Representative office of CJSC Exportpharm in the Republic of Kazakhstan: 110000, Kostanay, Baymagambetov Street, 166a, ph. (7142) 54-08-42
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