Zazhivitel badyagoy with 30 ml of gel for body

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Zazhivitel body gel with a fresh-water sponge of a tube of 30 ml of Queens Pharmaceutical


Superficial injuries:

The clinical pharmacology
Relieves pain, removes risk of formation of bruise and hematoma, stimulates their resorption, accelerates restoration of the broken functions.

Resorptional action.
The healing action.
Soothing action.
Anti-inflammatory action.
The regenerating action.

Fresh-water sponge.
The freshwater sponge possessing unique resorptional, antiedematous, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. Highly effective means for fast healing of bruises, bruises, hematomas, decrease in pain.

Traditional cure of first aid for various wounds, bruises, injuries of skin. Promotes fast healing of the damaged fabrics, renders highly effective styptic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action.

Medicinal calendula.
Possesses expressed by anti-inflammatory, wound healing, bactericidal properties.

Medicinal sage.
A reliable tool with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial action. With the medical purpose the leaves containing flavonoids, alkaloids, tannic and resinous substances are used.

Aloe Vera.
Remedy has unique therapeutic properties. Contains biogenous stimulators which accelerate cell renewal and self-recovery of the injured fabrics. The powerful antiseptic agent, prevents inflammatory processes in bruises and hematomas.

Means of plant origin, is got from leaves and wood of the camphor tree growing in India and China. In bruises and bruises renders the antiseptic, cooling, analgeziruyushchy and anti-inflammatory action, improves a trophicity of circumarticular fabrics, stimulates microblood circulation.

Tea tree oil.
The powerful natural antibiotic and an antiseptic agent, suppresses development of the pathogenic microbes causing inflammation with the subsequent suppuration. It is developed from leaves of the tea tree growing in Australia.

Sea-buckthorn oil.
The richest source of biologically active agents accelerating restoration and cell renewal. It is widely applied to fast healing of wounds and bruises, acceleration of granulation and an epitalization of fabrics.

The education, difficult on the structure, got in some mountainous areas of the world, a unique natural biostimulant. In bruises strengthens walls of vessels, interfering with formation of a hematoma, reduces puffiness and pain, warns the inflammatory phenomena, accelerates healing.

A route of administration and doses

Immediately after a bruise to apply gel with careful movements, without injuring the damaged area. To repeat 3 - 4 time/day up to full elimination of symptoms.

The structure

contains In gel:

Fresh-water sponge extract.
Propylene glycol.
Plantain extract.
Calendula extract.
Sage extract.
Aloe extract.
Chicory extract.
Burnet extract.
Sodium hydroxide.
Essential oil of a tea tree.
Lemon essential oil.
Olive oil.
Sea-buckthorn oil.
DMP microcarat.
IT microcarat.

B.V Trilonum to a tuba of 30 ml of gel. In cardboard packing 1 tuba.
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