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Hondrokol 114 ml cream

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HONDROKOL cream Ingredients: 114 ml contain: a glycosamine - 1140 mg, chondroitin - 1140 mg, collagen - 1140 mg, metilsulfonilmetan - 570 mg, menthol – 2280 mg, camphor – 570 mg. Pharmacological properties: The combined drug which effect is defined by the active components which are its part. A glycosamine participate in creation of cartilaginous tissue. The glycosamine is well soaked up in body tissue. A glycosamine as a natural metabolite as the means capable to have protective and regenerative action concerning cartilaginous tissues. In an organism it also spolzutsya by chondrocytes as starting material for synthesis of proteoglycans and glikozaminoglikan. Chondroitin is a specific component of a cartilage. Accelerates processes of restoration of cartilaginous tissue, slows down process of a degeneration of cartilaginous tissue and stimulates regeneration of an articulate cartilage and the affected intervertebral disks. Interferes with compression of connective tissue and plays a role of a peculiar lubricant of articulate surfaces. Normalizes a metabolism in hyaline fabric and products of articulate liquid. Possesses analgeziruyushchy and anti-inflammatory action. Collagen necessary protein for synthesis of connective tissue and fibrous cartilaginous tissue. At insufficiency of collagen the cartilage loses the elasticity and durability, becomes rough, razvoloknyatsya. Methane - natural compound of the organic sulfur which is a part of the main sulfur-containing amino acids, complex and plain proteins, enzymes, other vital biological substrates of an organism marked sulphonyl. Menthol – causes the irritation of the local terminations which is followed by feeling of cold, easy burning and pricking, has the easy local anesthetizing effect, has also weak antiseptic properties. Camphor - has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, improves blood supply of fabrics of the Indication: Degenerative dystrophic diseases of joints and backbone: Spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis Arthritis, arthrosis, tendovaginitis, Injury miositis (fractures, dislocations, bruises, stretchings) Posttraumatic and post-operational states Articulate pains of the Contraindication: Pregnancy and period of breastfeeding. Individual intolerance of components of drug. Side effects: Seldom – an itching, hyperaemia. Use dose: Outwardly. To adults and children 12 years ointment are more senior apply to skin 2 – 3 times a day, rubbing before full absorption within 2 – 3 minutes. A course of treatment – 2 – 3 weeks. Packaging: cream of 114 ml. The owner of a trademark and the certificate of registration is the Claus Marsh company, Great Britain. Drug is manufactured in the USA.
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