Gerbastress sleeping (20 capsules)

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Gerbastress for a dream

of the JSC Grindex Producer capsule. Krustpils St., 53, Riga, LV-1057, Latvia

Phone number: +371 67083205

Fax: +371 67083505

Structure (1 capsule)

of 5gidroksitriptofan 150 mg, hop, dry extract of inflorescences (Humulus lupulus L.) 100 mg (including maltodextrin of corn 30 mg, flavonoids (Rutinum) of 0.4 mg, ksantogumol 20 mg), filler: gelatin of 94.77 mg, valerian, dry extract of roots (Valeriana officinalis L.) 65 mg (including valerianic acid of 0.4 mg, carrier arabic gum (E 414) (42-52 mg), maltodextrin (8-28 mg), agent of antislezhivayushchiya of silicon dioxide (E 551) (0-2 mg), carrier: microcrystalline cellulose (E 460i) of 15.60 mg, agents antislezhivayushchy: magnesium stearate (E 470b) 4 mg, silicon dioxide colloid anhydrous (E 551) 4 mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6 Vitamin) of 1.40 mg, dyes: titanium dioxide (E 171) of 0.96 mg, iron oxide yellow (E 172) of 0.26 mg, blue patent V (E 131) of 0.01 mg.

Average mass of one capsule: 436.00 mg.

Release form

Gelatin capsules.

Body and lid of light-green color. The maintenance of capsules serovato brown powder with a characteristic smell.

Nutrition and energy value

Energy value of 1 capsule:

6.46 kJ / 1.53 kcal.

Nutrition value of 1 capsule:

carbohydrates of 0.23 mg,

proteins of 0.16 mg,

fats of 0.01 mg.

Content of vitamins B of % of the recommended day dose:

pyridoxine hydrochloride of 70%.

Properties and action

of Gerbastress for a dream a complex which part are hop, a valerian, B6 vitamin and 5gidroksitriptofan (amino acid, the predecessor of serotonin and melatonin).

The scope

Is an additional source 5gidroksitriptofana and B6 vitamin.

A route of administration and the recommended dose

the Adult on 1 capsule a day in the second half of day. To swallow the capsule, without chewing, washing down with enough water. The recommended use term up to 3 weeks.

Not to use feature of use as substitute of the good and balanced nutrition.

Not to exceed the recommended day dose!

Precautionary measures when using

during pregnancy and feeding by a breast can be applied only after consultation with the doctor.


of Gerbastress cannot be applied to a dream at hypersensitivity to kakoylibo a complex component.

Not intended for use to persons up to 18 years.

2 years

not to apply an expiration date after the expiration date specified on packing.

To Store storage in original packing at

a temperature not higher than 25 S. Hranit in the place, inaccessible and invisible to children!


On 10 capsules in blister strip packaging from a film polyvinylchloride with a polyvinylidene chloride covering and aluminum foil.

On the 2nd blister strip packagings together with the instruction for use place in a pack from cardboard.
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