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Geladrink Forte Orange 30 days. doses of powder in the bank

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Geladrink Forte orange of 30 daily doses powder in VOSSTANOVLENIYE bank INTENSIVNOYE: possesses the strengthened hondoprotektivny action, promotes intensive restoration of cartilaginous tissue, provides normalization of exchange processes, mekhaniko-elastic properties of a cartilage and water saturation in joints. Contains in the structure a complex of hondoprotektor and also micro both macrocells and the major vitamins for cartilaginous tissue, a copular and articulate system and a backbone Ingredients: Collagenic peptides the Glycosamine sulfate Chondroitin sulfate MCM natural Boswelliya of the Vitamin E serrat + About selenium Vitamin C + Manganese Restoration of COLLAGEN FINELY DIVIDED cartilaginous tissues: Collagenic Gelita peptides have the best absorbability and provide effective angenesis. GLYCOSAMINE AND CHONDROITIN: In a combination collagen + a glycosamine + chondroitin occurs the maximum digestibility and restoration. VITAMIN COMPLEX: Helps to maintain daily norm of vitamins and minerals. Strengthening of hair, nails, improvement of a condition of skin. Completion of a lack of vitamins and minerals. Prevention and restoration of cartilaginous tissues. Metilsulfonilmetan (MSM) is natural organic sulfur which: slows down process of transfer of painful impulses, normalizes the blood circulatory system, stops inflammatory processes, liquidates hypostases and also muscular spasms, possesses anti-oxidizing action. Thanks to such extensive range of MSM properties renders protection of fabric against harmful effects of free radicals because of whom cellular membranes collapse and also process of their dying off accelerates. Bosveliya's extract has analgeziruyushchy and anti-inflammatory property. Restores vessels in which inflammation took place, improves blood circulation and the cellular food providing activity of cells of fabrics. Chondroitin sulfate is the most important component synovia which has property to hold moisture in tissues of cartilages thanks to what high depreciation of synovial fluid remains. With its help the tone of connective tissue increases and much quicker there is a healing of wounds, erosion, ulcers and various fractures. At long reception the decrease in body weight due to delay of absorption of fat which is in intestines is observed. Owing to what cholesterol percentage in blood goes down. The peptide hydrolyzate of collagen promotes fast regeneration of connective tissue and also musculoskeletal system fabrics. As a part of this substance to contain amino acids which are required for normal synthesis of collagen in an organism. It represents protein which does strong a cartilaginous and also bone tissue. Therefore joints are capable to maintain physical activities and to keep maneuverability the ODE. The glycosamine sulfate performs function of a mineralization, restoration of the damaged tissue of cartilages and also activates process of forming of chondrocytes. Owing to what in an organism the level of proteoglycans and collagen increases. The glycosamine sulfate promotes improvement of food and forming of the ODA connective tissue and also: nail plates, heart valves, mucous membranes of bodies of a respiratory system, mucous GIT and urinary system. In additives to everything it effectively blocks activity of enzymes which destroy connective tissues, also produces the substances necessary for lubricant of joints. Manganese is intended for the help to an organism, in digestion of such substance as chondroitin sulfate. Delivers oxygen to cells for providing with necessary substances intervertebral disks and cartilaginous tissue. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) starts development and process of digestion of collagen, increases manganese adsorption. Selenium performs protective function of an organism, that is participates in process of synthesis of red blood cells, activates development of antibodies, possesses anticarcinogen action. Vitamin E (tocopherol) possesses antioxidant action and also starts the mechanism of elastin and collagen. In a tandem with other component – selenium which is antioxidant too vitamin E eliminates pain and protects tissues of cartilages and bones. Geladrink Forte powder in bank, with tastes: strawberries, pineapple, orange. Route of administration and doses: Geladrink Forte accept 12 g of powder a day (1 measure) to adults and children of 12 years. To measure the measure which is included in the package, to dissolve in 200-250 ml of cold water or milk, stirring the enclosed spoon and to drink after full dissolution. The recommended course - 2 months. For achievement of steady effect 2-3 courses a year are recommended. Contraindications: children up to 3 years, phenylketonuria, individual intolerance (including hypersensitivity in the anamnesis) the Geladrink Forte components. Side effects: Allergic reactions, the dispeptic phenomena are possible.
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