Adanta 2.5 ml synovial 1's endoprosthesis liq. in the syringe

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Ingredient: Sodium Hyaluronate
Instruction for medical use of a product of medical purpose of Adant of 2.5 ml No. 1 endoprosthesis synovial zhidk. in

the syringe Name of a Product of Medical Purpose Endoprosthesis of Adant Synovial Fluid in the syringe of 2.5 ml No. 1, sterile, single use

the Structure and the description of a product

of 1 ml contains

active ingredient: sodium hyalrunate of 10 mg

excipients: sodium chloride, sodium phosphate double-base, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, water for injections

One syringe (2.5 ml) contains 25 mg of sodium of hyalrunate in the physiological buffer (elastic solution of sodium of hyalrunate of 1% in the physiological buffer (with PH value about 7).

A scope

For symptomatic treatment in pains and restriction of mobility of joints:

- an osteoarthritis of a knee and morbidity in a shoulder

- a trapezoid and metacarpal osteoarthritis of stages of I, II and III.

- pain and limited mobility, as a result of degenerative and traumatic changes in other synovial vessels

Hyaluronic acid has mechanical effect which allows to apply it during inflammatory processes as replacement of synovial fluid which quality worsened. Thus, by means of restoration of physical characteristics of the intra articulate environment, the mobility of joints can improve and also pain in an osteoarthritis of a knee and a periarthritis of a shoulder can be weakened. Other potential mechanism of action can be connected with the action including synthesis of hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight which is similar to normal hyaluronic acid. Without this incentive, a molecule of hyaluronic acid which are synthesized by these sinoviotsita have the molecular weight which is lower than normal. This last mechanism of action can explain long clinical effect of sodium of hyalrunate. Intra articulate introduction of ADANT improves function of joints, stops the pain caused by an osteoarthritis of knee and humeral joints, ADANT improves mobility of joints and normalizes composition of synovial fluid. ADANT is also shown for use concerning a trapezoid and metacarpal joint for patients rizoartrozy.

The route of administration

Is recommended one intra articulate injection once a week within 5 weeks in a row. Introduction has to be made in intra articulate space of a knee joint, shoulder joint (intra articulate space of a shoulder joint, a subacromial bag or a dolichocephalic vagina of a sinew of a humeral biceps (biceps)), a trapezoid and metacarpal joint or the affected synovial joint. In case of a trapezoid and metacarpal joint, it is recommended to use two methods of use, depending on severity of an osteoarthritis: branch external track (rizoartroz stages of I) and interdigital way/way of the first connection (rizoartroz stages of II and III). However it is necessary to make the decision on use only of one or other method for an individual patient, in this context, it is easier to carry out introduction under endoscopic observation. In all cases, it is necessary to adjust a dose depending on weight of symptoms.

Storage conditions

the Drug Adant should be stored at a temperature from +1 of C up to +30 C, in the dry place to which children have no access.

Expiration date: 3 years. Not to apply after expiry date!

The note

of the Precautionary measure on use

at introduction:

- as by ADANT it is entered into intra articulate space, all process has to be carried out in strictly sterile conditions

- it is necessary to suspend treatment if no symptoms of improvement within the first 5 weeks of use of doses of drug are observed

- even if a small accumulation and a delay of synovial fluid are noted, it needs to be removed artrotsentezy


- be careful to avoid introduction of an injection of ADANT to blood vessels

- do not use drug for eyes

- considering degree of viscosity of drug, it is recommended to apply needles of sizes 22-23G

- if drug was stored in the fridge (look storage conditions), then it is necessary to bring it to room temperature before use

- use drug only once and at once after its opening

- you will throw out any unused part

of the drug Incompatibility:

Avoid contact with disinfectants, such as quaternary ammonium salts, including a benzalkoniya chloride, or with chlorhexidiny as they can cause loss of drug in a deposit.


Hypersensitivity to the making drug components in the anamnesis

Side effects:

In isolated cases

- manifestations of skin rash (urticaria, an itching)

- hypostases, reddening, feeling of heat and weight, pain (passing pain) in the injection site

- very seldom shock.

If it occurs, then it is necessary to see a doctor, to suspend drug use, to observe the patient and to appoint symptomatic treatment.


Meiji Seika Pharma CO, LTD, 4-18. Kyobashi 2. Chome. Chuo-ku. Tokyo 104-8002 Japan.

The address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of a product of medical purpose:

Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm LLP, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, Iliysky area, Industrial zone 282, ph.: +7 (727) 232-44-85, e-mail address:
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