Badyaga Muravivit 70g body gel balm

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FRESH-WATER SPONGE of Muravyivit - The basis of this means is formed by a highly active element: - silicon dioxide which has intensive operation on skin at the cellular level. Cleans skin from dead cells, considerably stimulates cell regeneration and production of elastin. Gel-balm is quickly absorbed and does not leave fat marks, helps to avoid unpleasant feelings of xeroderma. It is specially developed for removal of hypostases in the fields of the articulate connections caused by disturbance of water salt metabolism and normalization of functioning arterialno - the vascular system in a varicosity. Activates production of interarticular (synovial) liquid, increases its viscoelastic properties. Reduces mutual friction and increases coupling of articulate surfaces, increases their mobility, provides food of an articulate cartilage, serves as the additional shock-absorber. Route of administration: To rub in the problem or demanding leaving zones, the massing movements 1-2 times a day. Ingredients: Water, PEG-40 the hydrogenated castor oil, Glycerin, PEG-400, Tsiklometikon, Karbopol 21, Trietanolamin, fresh-water sponge Extract, Extract of a plantain ordinary, chaga Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Fenoksietanol, Metilizotiazolinon, Perfumery composition, Essential oil of a tea tree, the Menthol, Cetyl stearyl alcohol, Trilonum B, Collagen hydrolyzed, the Elastin hydrolyzed, Sea-buckthorn oil.
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