Badyaga 5g powder

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Fresh-water sponge 5gr
Ingredients: fresh-water sponge of 5 g
Chemical composition:
The skeleton of a fresh-water sponge consists of looped network of needles of silicon dioxide. Needles are invested by a shapeless plasmatic layer of the cells which made them at the time.

Main properties: Is a part of the ointments applied in sciaticas, rheumatic and artrichesky pains. The smallest needles of a fresh-water sponge implemented in skin cause in it heat and redness.

Pharmacological properties:

It is applied in bruises, bruises, stretchings, acne rash and bruises.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance.

Attention! Be careful when using! In case of hit of needles on mucous membranes of eyes and a nose the last are injured (strong irritation).
Way of preparation: To add boiled water or vegetable oil to powder and to stir before obtaining kashitseobrazny weight.
Route of administration: To rub the damaged sites of skin. At strong burning to wash away structure water in 15-20 min., at a lung - to leave for day.
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