Aqua Maris Strong throat 30 ml spray topically

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The instruction for medical use of a product of medical purpose the Name of a product of medical purpose of AKVA MARIS® STRONG Spray for topical administration, 30 ml Structure and the description of a product Hypertonic sterile salt solution of water of the Adriatic Sea – 100%, with natural salts and microelements. Does not contain preservatives and chemical additives. Does not cause accustoming. Spray for topical administration (for a throat) on the basis of hypertonic sterile salt solution of sea water is applied with the medical, preventive and hygienic purposes to clarification, abirritation and protection of a mucous membrane of a throat. The microelements which are a part of spray for topical administration enhance resistance of a mucous membrane of a throat to pathogenic bacteria and viruses, promote increase in local immunity. Hypertonic sterile salt solution of water of the Adriatic Sea represents transparent colourless solution with a slight characteristic smell and salty taste. The name and (or) the trademark of the AKVA MARIS® manufacturing organization is the registered trade mark of the YaDRAN-GALENSKI company of LABORATORIES and. the lake (Croatia) the Scope - for prevention and in complex treatment of acute infectious diseases the ENT SPECIALIST – bodies (pharyngitises, tonsillitis, adenoidites) - for prevention and in complex treatment of a SARS (including to pregnant women and in the period of a lactation) - for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases of a throat (pharyngitises, tonsillitis) - to the patients suffering from dryness of a mucous membrane of a back wall of a throat and to the persons living and working in rooms with artificial atmosphere and/or central heating for the purpose of maintaining physiological characteristics of a mucous membrane of a throat in the changed microclimatic conditions. Route of administration Locally. To adults and children 3 years of 4 - 6 times a day on 3 - 4 injections are more senior, directing the spray to a back wall of a throat. Before use to turn the spray in horizontal position. When using for the first time to press a cover several times. For hygienic reasons each product has to be used only by one person. Medicinal interactions the Product of medical purpose does not make system impact on an organism, interaction with other medicines is noted. Use with other medicines used for treatment of inflammatory diseases of a throat is possible. Side effects (influence, individual intolerance) Are possible allergic reactions of the Contraindication for use - hypersensitivity to sea water - not to use children's age up to 3 years of the Precautionary measure (safety) at hypersensitivity to sea water. Pregnancy and a lactation Pregnancy and feeding by a breast is not a contraindication to use of a product of medical purpose. A form of release and packing of 30 ml (200 doses) of solution in a bottle from glass with the dosing raspylitelny device. 1 bottle together with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages is placed in a pack from cardboard. To Store storage conditions at a temperature not over 25 ºС out of children's reach. Expiration date 3 years. To use within 6 months after opening of a bottle. Not to apply after expiry date. Prescription status Without prescription the Name (designation) of the normative document according to which the product of medical purpose the European Pharmacopoeia the YaDRAN-GALENSKI manufacturing Organization of LABORATORIES is made and. the lake, Svilno 20, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia the Name and the address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan a claim (offer) on products of medical purpose from consumers: Representation of YaDRAN-GALENSKI of LABORATORIES and. lake Kazakhstan, 050059, Almaty, Zhamakayev St., 126
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