Aqua Maris Plus 30 ml nasal spray

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The instruction for use of Aqua Maris PlyusAkva Māris Plus (nasal spray, a bottle contains 30 ml of drug) contains dekspantenol - a universal stimulator of angenesis, - and promotes fast recovery of a mucous membrane of a nose. Besides, Aqua Maris Plus stimulates growth and recovery of micro eyelashes mucous a nose.

recovery of a mucous membrane of a nose in atrophic and subatrophic rhinitises,
restoration mucous after influence of topical steroids and vasoconstrictive drugs,
nasal cavity care during the postoperative period,
constant dryness in a nose.
Action of a dekspantenol:

provides skin cells with both mucous energy and nutrients,
stimulates growth and cell regeneration of skin and mucous,
promotes development of antibodies and provides protection mucous from harmful effects of external factors.
Pay attention: By production 3 various types of nozzles dosers for the pompovy spray, excellent by outward from each other can be used. Therefore external distinction of noses - sprays are admissible. The type of the used doser is ciphered at the bottom of a glass bottle.
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