Activated carbon adsorption Ultra 250 mg (10 tablets)

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Ingredient: Activated Carbon
The instruction for medical use of medicine Coal activated Ultra-Adsorb the Trade name Coal activated Ultra-Adsorb, tablets of 0.25 g the International unlicensed name Is not present the Dosage form of the Tablet on 0.25 g. One tablet contains structure: active agent - the coal activated 0.25 g, excipient - potato starch of 0.047 g. The description of the Tablet of black color, ploskotsilindrichesky with risky, slightly rough. Flavourless and taste. Pharmacotherapeutic group Antidiarrheal drugs. Intestinal adsorbents. Coal drugs. Activated carbon. ATX A07BA01 the Pharmacological Pharmacokinetics Coal properties activated is not soaked up at intake. The average time of passing of activated carbon through a GIT (digestive tract) is about 25 hours. It is completely brought out of an organism with a stake without change of structure (does not metabolize). The pharmacodynamics Drug possesses the adsorbing action. In a digestive tract gleam the coal activated connects and brings out of an organism endogenous and exogenous toxic substances of various nature, including, microbes and microbic toxins, food-borne allergens, medicines, poisons, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals, gases. Indications - exogenous and endogenous toxicoses of various nature (as detoksikatsionny means) - food toxicoinfections, a salmonellosis, dysentery (in complex treatment) - poisoning with medicines (psychotropic, hypnotic drugs, drugs, etc.), alkaloids, salts of heavy metals and other poisons - the digestive tract diseases which are followed by dyspepsia, a meteorism - food and medicinal allergy - a hyperbilirubinemia (viral hepatitis and other jaundices) - a hyperazotemia (renal failure) - ultrasonic and X-ray inspections (for reduction of gas generation in intestines). The route of administration and doses apply Activated carbon inside in tablets or after preliminary crushing, in the form of a suspension in water, for an hour to food and intake of other medicines. The necessary amount of drug is crushed in ½ glasses of water. The mode of dosing by the adult on average in 1-2 g of drug 3-4 times a day, the maximum single dose - up to 8 g. To children from 6 years drug is appointed depending on body weight on average at the rate of 0.05 g/kg 3 times a day, the maximum single dose - up to 0.2 g/kg of body weight. A course of treatment in acute diseases of 3-5 days, in an allergy and chronic diseases - up to 14 days. In acute poisoning the treatment is begun with gastric lavage with use of a suspension of the coal activated then given in 20 – 30 g of drug. At a meteorism appoint inside 1-2 g of drug 3-4 times a day. Course of treatment of 3-7 days. Side effects - a constipation, diarrhea - at long reception (more than 14 days) the disturbance of absorption of calcium, vitamins - is observed coloring a calla in dark color. Contraindications - individual intolerance of drug - exacerbation of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a 12-perstny gut - nonspecific ulcer colitis - bleedings from digestive tract - an intestines atony - children's age up to 6 years Medicinal interactions of Pharmakodinamicheskiye. The coal activated because of adsorption on the surface reduces efficiency of all medicines taken inside along with it. Pharmacokinetic. Activated carbon increases the speed of elimination of the drugs having long elimination half-life (carbamazepine, phenobarbital and difenilsulfon). Oral administration of activated carbon increases clearance of digoxin by 5 times. Special instructions At use of activated carbon the impoverishment of an organism vitamins, hormones, fats, proteins is possible. Fast binding requires a large amount of adsorbent which cannot be entered into a stomach in one stage. Therefore use of coal is inefficient when the amount of poison is high. Pregnancy and lactation it is not contraindicated at use during pregnancy and a lactation. The feature of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous types mechanisms does not influence. Overdose Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting and zaporoshok Treatment: to cancel drug, to appoint laxative. A form of release and packing On 10 tablets in planimetric bezjyacheykovy packing from paper with a polyethylene covering. Planimetric bezjyacheykovy packings together with iinstruktion on medical use put in group packing. To Store storage conditions in the dry place at a temperature not higher than + 250C. To store in the inaccessible place for children! 2 years not to use a period of storage after the expiration date specified on packing Prescription status Without prescription the Producer: Dolce LLP Legal address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Iliysky area, item Yntymak, Centralnaya St., 1 Phone number: 8 (727) 271 98 09, 271 98 10 Fax: 8 (727) 271 98 08 E-mail:, Director of Dolce LLP Makisheva S.M.
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