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Kit Dikulja larkspur (bee venom) 125 ml of a body lotion




Dikul Zhivokost’s (apitoxin) first-aid kit of 125 ml body balm Restores normal metabolism of osteoarticular and muscle tissue. Renders effective soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiedematous action, slows down process of a degeneration and stimulates regeneration of the damaged cartilaginous surfaces, restores funtsktion of nerve terminations, promotes removal of salt deposits and strengthening of the musculocopular device of a backbone. Scope: Diseases of joints and backbone. Prevention of emergence of joints with risk factors (inactive lifestyle, professional restrictions of a vodvizhnost). For prevention of the degenerative dystrophic diseases of a backbone caused by age and traumatic factors. When overcoolings, catarrhal and infectious diseases. Prevention of fatigue of muscles in time and after physical activities, at risk of sports injuries. For prevention of a recurrence of diseases. Route of administration: To apply balm with circular motions within 3-5 minutes before full absorption 2-3 times a day, to wrap up whenever possible with a woolen scarf and to provide rest. Ingredients: chondroitin sulfate, a glycosamine sulfate, a biogenous complex of the getting microcapsules, the apitoxin, capsaicin, anaesthesin, a complex of vitamins of group B, beeswax purified, lanolin, vaseline medical, the water purified. Contraindications: allergic reactions to beekeeping products, individual intolerance of components. Not to apply on open wounds, grazes and in skin diseases.


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