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Karipazimovy 50g cream


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The instruction for use of Karipazimovy cream of a tube of 50 ml Karipazimovy Cream is made on the basis of the enzymes which are contained in lacteal juice of a papaya (melon tree). It is recommended at treatment by Karipazim medicine after holding a procedure of an electrophoresis. Karipazimovy cream improves a condition of skin, promotes regeneration of intervertebral disks and cartilaginous tissue, improves elasticity of a body and a condition of skin. Cream has the balanced composition of active active ingredients that does its use effective. USE: To apply a small amount of Cream in a backbone and joints to skin bodies the massing movements before full absorption. Apply one – twice a day. Duration of use is from 20 to 30 days. If necessary do repeated courses. The break between repeated use makes not less than 30 days. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Individual intolerance of components of cream. Packaging: Laminatny tuba of 50 ml. Cardboard packing po1 to a tuba in everyone. STORAGE: In the dry place protected from light at a temperature from +5 ° up to +25 °C. The EXPIRATION DATE – 36 months. Date of production (series) is specified on a tuba seam. INGREDIENTS: Water, olive oil, glycerin, aristoflex, papain extract, essential oil Mint, essential oil Rose, essential oil of the Sage Declaration on compliance: The EEU of N RU D-RU.AP02.V.13779 Corresponds to TR CU 009/2011 the Products are manufactured according to TU 20.42.15-002-28576196-2018 of Property of active agents of Karipazimovy Osnovnym cream active agent of Karipazimovy cream lacteal juice of a papaya (papain) is. Receive papain from the purified lacteal juice of a melon tree or fractionation of dry juice of a melon tree ammonium sulfate, chloride sodium with the subsequent crystallization. By the chemical nature enzyme of a papaya is vegetable protease which strengthens the splitting of proteins, peptide molecules, amides, esters of the main amino acids, fats, carbohydrates. Papain stimulates destruction of impractical proteinaceous masses and, at the same time, is safe for viable fabrics in connection with presence of inhibitors of proteases at them. Administration of papain in a zone of injuries of a vertebra and joints promotes dissolution of necrotic structures. In a certain concentration papain influences hernia of intervertebral disks. Hernia begins to decrease gradually, becomes soft. It happens enough to release nerve termination which it jams and backbone pains gradually pass. Also papain affects all intervertebral disk therefore angenesis of a disk which restores the normal structure amplifies. Rose’s oil possessing, anti-inflammatory and regeneration properties and also the Mint oil possessing pronounced calming effect is a part of Karipazimovy cream.


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