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Formula Sleep reinforced phyto-melatonin (30 capsules)




The Dream formula strengthened by phyto-melatonin No. 30 caps. The dream formula strengthened helps to get enough sleep for shorter time! In its structure natural phyto-melatonin which in combination with sleepy herbs promotes improvement of depth and sleep quality that allows to get enough sleep and have a rest for shorter time. Accept the dream Formula strengthened by phyto-melatonin. Better a dream – better life! How do ingredients work? 5 hydroxytryptophane (5-HTP) – an active metabolite of tryptophane, promote increase in level of serotonin. Serotonin is initial substance for melatonin synthesis. Melatonin regulates the cycle dream wakefulness and provides natural backfilling. In a combination with L-tryptophane provides fast approach of effect. L-tryptophane – in a combination with 5-HTP provides long effect, regulates dream depth, eliminates a superficial dream. B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid) – helps to cope with stressful situations. The lack of this vitamin leads to a memory impairment, a sleep disorder. B6 vitamin (pyridoxine) – plays a key role in exchange of amino acids, participate in specific reactions of metabolism of amino acids (tryptophane and 5-HTP). The lack of this vitamin causes the increased nervous irritability, irritability, sleep disorders. Hop ordinary – is soft sedative. Extract of hop is applied in insomnia, neurosises. The passionflower inkarnatny – is applied as somnolent medicine. Besides, the passionflower reduces nervousness, nervousness. Eshsholtion – the eshsholtion contains alkaloids. The drugs made on the basis of an eshsholtion improve a dream and promote backfilling. Made Evalar: high quality according to the GMP standard. Structure Phyto-melatonin (L-tryptophane, grifoniya extract), phytoformula Evalar (passionflower extract, eshsholtion extract, hop extract), capsule (gelatin), calcium pantothenate (B5 vitamin), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6 vitamin), cellulose microcrystalline (carrier), magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide (agents antislezhivayushchy). The mix of L-tryptophane and extract of a griffoniya contributing to natural normalization of development in an organism of melatonin – sleep hormone. The Mass of % of RSN Fito-melatonin™ contain 2 capsules (daily reception): grifoniya extract, including 5-hydroksitriptofanl-tryptophane 100.0 mg300.0 mg — 37.5 Fitoformula Evalar (passionflower extract, eshsholtion extract, hop extract) of 110.0 mg — B5 Vitamin (pantothenic acid) of 6.0 mg 100 B6 Vitamin (pyridoxine) of 2.0 mg 100 Additional information the Form of release of the Mass of the Capsule Is 350 Mg No. 30 Capsule Accept Route of Administration by the adult on 2 capsules in the evening during meal. Reception duration — not less than 1 month. If necessary reception can be continued. The Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding is not recommended by a breast. Before use it is necessary to consult with the doctor.


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