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Antipapillom cosmetic gel 5 ml




Warts and papillomas are not only ugly growths on the skin, but also, according to psychologists, uncertainty about one’s own attractiveness. These education data look extremely unaesthetic. In addition, papillomas that have a “leg” are prone to trauma with possible negative consequences. All these factors lead to the fact that people want to get rid of unpleasant growths as soon as possible.

For quick removal of warts and papillomas in comfortable home conditions, an ANTIPAPILLOM gel has been created, which has a local exfoliating effect.

Using the ANTIPAPILLOM gel, you can effectively and quickly remove warts and papillomas without outside help.

In a convenient form of application – 5 ml gel in a tube.

Ingredients: distilled water, sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, gelling agent.

Method of application and dosage: Apply ANTIPAPILLOM gel to previously steamed keratinized skin areas with an applicator until they darken.

After 1-2 days, the exfoliation of the keratinized skin areas begins and on the 3-5th day – the cleansing of the skin areas.
Larger keratinized areas of the skin are recommended to be removed again.

On the course – 1-3-5 procedures.

WARNING: Do not use facial gel. Avoid getting the gel on healthy areas and mucous membranes. If ANTIPAPILLOM gel gets on healthy skin, it is recommended to wash the affected area with a stream of water for 10-15 minutes, then make a lotion with a 5% solution of citric acid.

In case of contact with eyes, immediately, longer rinse with water.

Note: ANTIPAPILLOM Gel is a drug for individual use.

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage conditions: Store at a temperature not lower than 5°С and not higher than 25°С


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