Forte Spasatel balm 30g wounds

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The RESCUER FORTE BALM Anhydrous cosmetic balm for external use Balm the Rescuer Forte - the quick and effective help at various damages of a surface of skin which are not demanding pharmacological treatment: grazes, cuts, burns, irritations, frostbites and also at the dry, cracked skin of hands and legs. Thanks to the maintenance of milk lipids, drug quickly calms skin in burns, prevents emergence of blisters and scars. Description of action. Balm the Rescuer Forte is the unique drug possessing highly effective the regenerating and calming action. The mechanism of the healing effect of balm is based on its ability to activate local immunity and to initiate regeneration processes of noninflammatory genesis, effectively preventing development of infections, intoxications, anesthetizing, but not due to the direct anesthetizing effect, and by suppression of biosynthesis of mediators of inflammation (serotonin and bradykinin). Feeds, softens and does elastic the dry skin inclined to emergence of cracks. Considerably accelerates regeneration of the superficial injuries of epidermis which resulted from impact on skin of high or low temperatures, including and sunblisters. Creating a protective barrier on skin, protects it from cherezmerny loss of moisture and also from harmful microorganisms. Prevents emergence of subsequent changes and minimizes risk of appearance of scars. Accelerates resorption of bruises. Effectively calms different irritations and reduces erubescences. Restores a healthy condition and outward of skin. The high regenerative and bactericidal activity of balm is based on synergistic effect of the balanced combination of set of natural highly active essential oils, vitamin complexes, sea-buckthorn oil, biologically active components of beeswax, microdosages of mineral Naphthalanum. Balm the Rescuer is made of natural, clean components without use of hormonal and antibiotic means. The mechanism of unique effect of balm for wounds is based on its ability to restore protective properties of the injured skin and to initiate regeneration processes. Route of administration. Balm the Rescuer Forte is plentifully applied on the damaged surface of skin directly from a tuba. Under the influence of body temperature, the consistence of balm passes from mazeobrazny into dense current weight (since temperature of drop falling of balm is equal 36 C) that allows to distribute balm on the surface of skin, without touching problem places. It is very important to apply balm as soon as possible after injury of skin - it will allow to reduce considerably, on time, healing process. Potential undesirable impacts. As well as any other drug which effect is based on natural components balm the Rescuer Forte seldom or never can cause allergic reaction. Therefore it is necessary to use drug with care if in its structure there are ingredients which can cause in you allergic reaction.
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