Qudesan forte 20 ml solution

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Kudesan Forte www.qudesan.ru solution Drug for complex support of a cardiovascular system

Is a source of coenzyme Q10 which:

it is recommended at prevention and in complex therapy of diseases of a cardiovascular system,
it is used at a syndrome of chronic fatigue,
fights against age changes.
Coenzyme Q10 form, optimum for assimilation.
It is convenient in use at the raised coenzyme Q10 dosages.

20 ml in bottles with a cover dropper. Ingredients:
Kudesan Forte solution differs in the increased coenzyme Q10 content. High concentration of active ingredient does drug convenient in use when intake of coenzyme Q10 in the raised dosages is necessary.
Contains in 1 ml of Kudesana Forte solution:

coenzyme Q10 – 60.0 mg

of vitamin E – 6.8 mg
of the Recommendation about use: To children 14 years and the adult are more senior – on 5 drops at meal time once a day, to children 14 years and to the adult testing constant physical and emotional overworks are more senior – on 10 drops 1–2 times a day at meal time, having dissolved in a small amount of water or other drink.
Individual intolerance of separate components. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor.
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