Plus Vitamin B6 Panangin 545 mg (30 tablets)

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Plus B6 Vitamin Pananginum (Plus Vitamin B6 Panangin)
Dietary supplement to a pishchesvidetelstvo about the state registration: RU. OT of 04.02.2015 Packaging: tablets weighing 545 mgsostav (1 tablet): Active components: asparaginate magnesium tetrahydrate (magnesium asparaginate of 140 mg), asparaginate potassium gemigidrat (potassium asparaginate of 158 mg), pyridoxine hydrochloride (mg B6 0,6 vitamin).
Excipients: carrier microcrystalline cellulose, agent antislezhivayushchy talc, cover of Eudragit of E-100, thickener polyvinylpirrolidone (povidone), agent of antislezhivayushchiya of magnesium stearate, thickener potato starch, glazirovatel polyethyleneglycol 6000 (macrogoal 6000), agent antislezhivayushchy silicon dioxide, krasiteltitana dioxide, baking powder krospovidon.
Scope: it is recommended as dietary supplement to the food
of the Additional source of B6 vitamin containing magnesium asparaginate and potassium asparaginate.
Does not exceed the top acceptable level of daily consumption of vitamin 56 (6 mg). The used dosage of potassium allows to carry out long intake of dietary supplement without risk of emergence giperkapiyemiienergetichesky value: 0 kcal. Nutrition value: proteins of 0 g, fats of 0 g, carbohydrates of 0 g.
Properties of a product are caused by a complex of properties of the active components which are its part. B6 vitamin (pyridoxine) participates in a wide range of metabolic processes: participates in regulation of work of nervous system shows antistressorny and antidepressant effects, improves absorption of magnesium in digestive tract And facilitates (transport of ions of magnesium in cells, has positive impact on functions of a liver, on a hemopoiesis, on power metabolism (synthesis of molecules ATP) improves use by an organism of unsaturated fatty acids, including that which interfere with development of atherosclerosis possess cardiotyre-tread action and reduce cholesterol level. The deficiency of B6 vitamin (piritsoksin) arises at the increased requirement of an organism of B is mute (at big physical activities, at pregnancy, at excess of proteins in food) and often is followed by deficiency of magnesium. Decrease in level of B6 vitamin can be followed by irritability, block, a loss of appetite and nausea.
MagniyMagniy is the vital element which is in all body tissues and is necessary for normal functioning of cells. Actively participates more than B 300 enzymatic processes: is an obligatory element for regulation of transfer of nervous impulses and steady functioning of nervous system, it is capable to increase resistance of an organism to a psychoemotional stress, possesses the calming action, reduces the level of concern, nervousness, irritability, positively influences a tone of vessels, conductivity, excitability and sokratitelny ability of a myocardium, promotes decrease in content of cholesterol B of blood and fabrics and to prevention of adjournment of cholesterol in a wall of arteries, contributes to normalization of fibrillation and metabolism of a bone tissue. Acute and chronic stress, a physical overstrain and a hypodynamia, an alcohol abuse, hypohigh-calorie diets, pregnancy and a lactation can be the reasons of deficiency of magnesium in an organism. Decrease in level of magnesium can develop at influence of high temperatures (hot climate, work in hot shops, excess visit of saunas and baths), at the use B food of products with the limited content of magnesium or the products interfering absorption of magnesium in a GIT (with high the content of animal fats, proteins, phosphorus, calcium), in digestive tract diseases, diabetes, chronic heart failure, obesity. Exhaustion of intracellular reserves of magnesium causes an adverse effect on a myocardium (cardiac muscle).The deficiency of magnesium soprovoyasdatsya by disturbance of warm conductivity, increases risk of developing arrhythmias, contributes to a spasm of coronary arteries, contributes to the development of insomnia, a syndrome of vegetative dystonia, arthritis, migraine, osteoporosis. Magnesium is the vital macrocell for digestion of potassium and ensuring optimum intracellular level
of K. Kaliykaly is a basic element of each living cell, regulates intracellular exchange of water and salts, promotes removal from an organism of water and sodium, participates B carrying out nervous impulses to muscles, normalizes muscular, reduction, activates a number of enzymes and participates in processes of an energoobrazovanidsintezaumensheniye of uneasiness. Recommendations about use: the adult, on 2 tablets 2 times B day, during meal. Duration of reception is 1 month. It is not necessary to exceed the recommended daily dose. Is not medicine. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Contraindications: individual intolerance of components, pregnancy and feeding by a breast.
Implementation B pharmaceutical institutions and specialized shops or departments of prolovolstvenny shops selling dietary products. Expiration date: 2 years. Storage conditions: in dry, protected from light and the place, inaccessible for children, at
a temperature not over 25 S. Proizvoditel: LLC Gideon Richter Polsha 05-825, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, st. of of a ranichn, 35, Poland by request of JSC Gideon Richter 1103 Budapest, Dyomryoi St., 19-21, Hungary. The importer to the Republic of Kazakhstan Gedeon Richter KE LLP
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