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Lekrolin 10 ml of 2% eye drops

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Ingredient: Cromoglicic Acid
The instruction for medical use

of LEKROLIN® medicine

the Trade name
of Lekrolin®

the International unlicensed
name Kromoglitsiyevaya acid

the Dosage form
Eye drops of 2%

of 1 ml of solution contains
active agent – sodium kromoglikat 20 mg,
excipients: a benzalkoniya chloride, glycerin, polyvinyl alcohol, dinatrium edetat, water for injections. -

Transparent, colourless or slightly yellowish solution.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
the Other antiallergic

drugs Code of Automatic Telephone Exchange S01GX01 Pharmacological Pharmacokinetics Absorption Properties through a mucous membrane of an eye and system absorption - are insignificant.
The pharmacodynamics
of Lekrolin® - antiallergic means which has membrane stabilizing effect interferes with degranulation of mast cells and discharge from them of a histamine, bradykinin, leukotrienes (including, slowly reacting substance) and other biologically active agents. Most effectively at preventive use.
The full clinical effect in allergic diseases is reached in several days or weeks of drug treatment.

- allergic conjunctivitis
- an allergic keratitis
- a keratoconjunctivitis
- the irritation of a mucous membrane of an eye caused by allergic
reactions (environment factors, professional harm, means of household chemicals, cosmetics, ophthalmologic drugs, pollen of plants and dandruff of pets)

the Route of administration and doses
Adults and children are more senior than 4 years:
On 1-2 drop in each conjunctival sac 4 times a day.
Only on doctor's orders.
In seasonal allergic conjunctivitis the treatment needs to be begun right after emergence of the first symptoms or to apply preventively prior to the beginning of a season of emergence of pollen. Treatment is continued during the whole season of blossoming or longer if symptoms remain.
Duration a course of treatment is defined by the doctor.

Side effects
At topical administration of Lekrolin® it is usually well transferred, and symptoms of irritation of eyes meet seldom.
Often (> 1/100)
- the short-term burning sensation, the local irritation of eyes which is quickly undergoing misting of sight
is Very rare (
-allergic reactions

of the Contraindication
- hypersensitivity to drug components
- children's age up to 4 years

Medicinal interactions
adverse interactions of Lekrolinaâ with other medicines were not noted Earlier.
Лекролин® can reduce the need for use of the ophthalmologic drugs containing glucocorticosteroids.

Special instructions
Eye drops of Lekrolin® contain in quality of preservative a benzalkoniya chloride, and they should not be used when carrying contact lenses. Before instillation of eye drops the contact lenses should be taken out and inserted back not earlier than in 15 minutes after drug use.
The bottle needs to be closed after each use. It is not necessary to touch eyes a pipette tip.
Pregnancy and the period of a lactation
Drug should be used with care during pregnancy and feeding by a breast. Use of Lekrolinaâ during pregnancy and a lactation has to be clinically justified.
The feature of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms
Should be careful when driving or potentially dangerous mechanisms because of possible short-term misting of sight.

The overdose
Overdose is improbable as local and system absorption - are insignificant.
Symptoms: strengthening of side effect
Treatment: symptomatic

the Form of release and packing
Eye drops of 2%
On 10 ml in the white plastic bottle dropper corked by a plastic stopper with screwing on a cover.
On 1 bottle together with the instruction for use on state and Russian place in a cardboard box.

To Store storage conditions at a temperature from +15 to +25 °C
to Store out of children's reach!

3 years
to Use a period of storage within 1 month after the first opening of a bottle.
Not to use after the expiration of the storage specified on packing

Prescription status
Without prescription

JSC Sangteng Producer, Niittyukhaankatu 20, 33720 Tampere, Finland

the Address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of products (goods):
Representative office of JSC Canten in
Kazakhstan Almaty, Zheltoksan St., 129/65 quarter
56 Phone number –
250-39-17 Fax number - 250-39-17
E-mail address: atlana_kz@rambler.ru
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