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The instruction for medical use


the Trade name
of Flamin-Zdorovye

the International Unlicensed Name (IUN)
Is not present

the Dosage form
of the Tablet of 50 mg

One tablet contains
active agent - Flaminum in terms of the maintenance of the sum of flavonoids of 70% and dry matter – 50 mg.
excipients: lactoses monohydrate, potato starch, starch corn, magnesium carbonate, calcium stearate.

The description
of the Tablet of color, yellow or yellow with a brownish shade, with impregnations, with a slight specific smell, a ploskotsilindrichesky form, with a facet.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Other drugs for treatment of diseases of biliary tract.
The ATX A05A X10 code

the Pharmacological

Pharmacodynamics of Flamin-Zdorovye properties – flavonsoderzhashchy polyphenolic medicine from inflorescences of an immortelle sandy (Helichrysum arenarium L.). Contains flavonoidny glycosides (salipurpozid, izosalipurpozid, kempferol, apigenin), bitterness, tannins, sterols, essential oils and other biologically active agents (organic acids, carotinoids, polysaccharides, etc.).
Increases biliary secretion, an osmotic gradient between bile and blood that strengthens osmotic filtration in bilious capillaries of water and electrolytes, increases bile current on bilious ways, the content of bile acids in bile, reduces a possibility of settling out of cholesterol of bile (preventing formation of gallstones). Has the weakening effect on smooth muscles of sphincters of a gall bladder and biliary tract, changes viscosity and the chemical composition of bile. Stimulating discharge of gastric juice and slowing down evakuatorny function of a stomach and intestines, promotes better digestion of food. Promoting cholesterol discharge with bile, has gipokholesterinemichesky effect, has antibacterial activity concerning gram-positive bacteria, increases activity of metronidazole and Aminochinolum at treatment of a giardiasis.

Chronic cholecystitis, dyskinesia of bilious ways.

The route of administration and doses
are Appointed to adults and children from 5 years inside, in 30 min. prior to food, washing down with a small amount of water.
The adult appoint 50 mg (1 tablet) 3 times a day, if necessary it is possible to increase a dose to 100 mg (2 tablets) 2–3 times a day.
To children of 5-10 years appoint 50 mg (1 tablet) once a day, 10–14 years – 50 mg (1 tablet) 2 times a day.
Duration of a course of treatment is 10–40 days (depending on a form and a course of the disease). If necessary the course of treatment can be repeated after a break - 5 days.

Side effects
- allergic reactions
- increase in arterial blood pressure (at patients with arterial hypertension)

- the increased individual sensitivity
- obturatsionny jaundice
- exacerbation of a peptic ulcer
- acute inflammatory diseases of a liver and biliary tract
- children's age up to 5 years

Medicinal interactions
of Flamin-Zdorovye can be applied to drug components in a complex with other medicines appointed in diseases of a liver and biliary tract. Increases activity of metronidazole and Aminochinolum at treatment of a giardiasis.

Special instructions
With care are appointed to patients with the increased acid-forming function of a stomach.
Pregnancy, the period of a lactation
of Feature of use of drug during pregnancy and feeding by a breast are not investigated therefore appoint taking into account a ratio risk/advantage.
Use in pediatrics
to Children up to 5 years Flaminum is appointed in the form of granules for preparation of oral suspension.

The overdose
is not revealed

the Form of release and packing
of the Tablet on 50 mg No. 30 in a container plastic in a pack cardboard, No. 10 in blister strip packaging No. 10'3 in a pack.

To Store storage conditions in the dry, protected from light place, at a temperature from 8 °C to 25 °C.
To store out of children's reach!

A period of storage
of 5 years
not to use drug after the expiration date specified on packing!
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