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Birchbark tar contains a number of active antiseptic agents, possesses antimicrobial action and also has pernicious effect on some arthropods.
To primeneniyuberestovy tar a number of active antiseptic agents contains indications, possesses antimicrobial action and also has pernicious effect on some arthropods (a louse, etc.). Thanks to tonic action it is recommended for sluggish skin care. It is effective against stings of insects. Besides, birchbark tar – the good means for hair care giving them vital force. Non-toxic, does not possess irritant action.
Ways external primeneniyapr to the flabby, withering skin: To impose the napkins impregnated with tar on affected areas of skin 1-2 times a day for 20-25 min. Promotes fast angenesis, increase in elasticity of skin, smoothing of wrinkles. Gives to skin healthy and beautiful view.
Against insects: To grease open sites of skin with tar
In a hair loss: To put on all length of hair in 30 min. prior to washing.
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