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Biorhythm Antistress 24 Day / Night 32's tablets

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Bioritm anti-stress the 24th day/night Protection against a stress and bad dream! Constant stresses often lead to an uneasy dream. In turn, the constant sleep debt leads to new stresses. In this vicious circle it is spent long days and sleepless nights, weakening and destroying the organism. Bioritm Antistress is an innovation approach to a solution of the problem of a stress. The standard daily rate is divided into 2 tablets – Day and Night – for reception at different times day according to biorhythms of the person. Such step-by-step action restores daily biorhythms of an organism, and fatigue and irritability as a result disappear, and the uneasy dream and a sleep debt give way to a healthy and deep sleep. Accept Bioritm Antistress in the morning and in the evening and enjoy full-fledged life without stresses and nerve strains. The morning tablet – protection from stressapomogat to keep all day good mood, protecting from stresses and nervous shocks. Components which are Ingredients: the Motherwort regulates a functional condition of the central nervous system, possesses the calming action at the increased nervous irritability. The St. John's wort supports good mood. Favorably influences a functional state central and the autonomic nervous system. A melissa – a perennial herbaceous plant. The main active active ingredient of a melissa is essential oil which possesses the calming and weakening action. Rutinum takes part in redoxreactions in an organism, is powerful antioxidant. B1 and B6 vitamins provides regulation of the major processes of a metabolism in the cells of an organism necessary for normal work of the central and peripheral nervous system. The evening tablet – good sonmyagko will prepare an organism for night rest, will help to remove an emotional overstrain, to relax and to fall asleep easily. Components which are Ingredients: Eshsholtion helps to remove an emotional overstrain, without causing accustoming. This plant is widely applied in the West and in the USA to maintenance of a healthy sleep. The passionflower affects soothingly the central nervous system, supports a healthy sleep, does not cause unpleasant and heavy health when awakening. Pantothenate of calcium has the regulating impact on functions of nervous system, promotes removal of physical fatigue and a stress. Structure Structure Tablet Morning Tablet Evening of % of RSN of the Motherwort extract of 40 mg of the St. John's wort extract of 40 mg of Melissa extract of 20 mg of Routines of 8 mg 7 mg 27 + 23 B6 Vitamin (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 2 mg 100 Thiamine (B1 vitamin) of 1.5 mg 107 * Eshsholtion extract of 100 mg of the Passionflower extract of 55 mg Pantothenic acid of 5 mg 83 * Does not exceed the top acceptable level of daily consumption Additional information the Route of administration by the Adult on 1 tablet Morning in the morning and on 1 tablet Evening in the evening. Duration of reception is not less than 2 weeks. Regular use from 10 is allowed by a day break. Not to combine with intake of medicines. It is not recommended to Persons with individual intolerance of components of a product, to the pregnant women nursing. Before use it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 20.01.2015 No. 32
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