Bee and ant 44ml balm-gel

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Bee and Ant balm-gel (injuries, joints, muscles) 44 ml.
Quickly pain calms, removes hypostases and inflammations. Use: in injuries (dislocations, stretchings, bruises) with formation of hematomas - to apply gel-balm on the problem place, accurately, smooth movements to distribute on the surface of skin and to leave before full absorption, at the aching joint pains - to apply on the problem place, to pound the easy massing movements, in sharp neck, upper back pains and lumbago in a waist - to apply to skin and to rub intensively the massing movements, for the fastest healing: wounds, cuts, cracks, grazes and scrapes - it is accurate to process a sore point and to leave before full absorption, in slight thermal burns or frostbites to apply on the struck place with, evenly, thin layer and to leave before full absorption, for removal of itching from stings of insects or irritations from prickly - poisonous plants - to apply with a thin layer on the inflamed place and to leave before full absorption, in a headache – to apply a small amount on a forehead and temples and to pound the circular massing movements, in cold cough and a stethalgia to apply on a breast and to rub massing with movements, in cold to cause a small amount on nose wings and under a nose, to leave for 5 minutes, then to erase balm a napkin, at Bol in a throat, to put a small amount on a neck in a throat and smoothly to pound a palm up-down and to leave for 1-2 minutes, surplus to remove a napkin, for a tonization of muscles before a sports training, plentifully to apply gel - balm on not obkhodimy area to make small stimulating massage and to leave before full absorption, for overdried and cracked skins of hands and legs and also at irritations on hands from long contact with water and detergents - to apply to skin, accurately and carefully to pound.

Producer: Schuster Pharmasyuetikl, Russia.
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