Badger 50 ml warming balsam. massaging

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BADGER BALM the WARMING MASSAZHNYYBALZAM massage Badger warming the 7 Notes of Health trademark. Badger fat is applied in official and traditional medicine more than 200 years, renders the deep warming, antiseptic, restoring influence. Raises a tone of muscles. Enriches with vitamins A, B2, B5, B12, R, K, PP, carotene, tocopherol, carotinoids, folic acid, microelements and organic acids. Badger balm the effective warming remedy on the basis of badger fat, camphor, turpentine and extract of red pepper. Possesses well balanced ratio of the feeding and restoring and also warming and stimulating biologically active agents which complex provides: - deep and long warming up of an organism, - restoration when overcooling, - preventive and disinfecting action, - restoration of the exposed to the wind and shelled sites of skin. Indications: - for fast restoration in muscular and articulate illnesses, - for a warming up of muscles before and after sports loadings and at an overstrain, - when overcooling an organism, - at the unpleasant feelings caused by a weather changing - for recovery, fortifying massage. Ingredients: Aqua, Camphor, Stearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Badger Fat, Paraffinum Liquidum, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Turpentine, Ce-tearyl Alcohol, Paraffin, PEG-9 Oleate, Capsicum Annuum Resin, Consentrat Select Extract, Pheno-xyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Triet-hanolamine, Methylparaben, Pro-pylparaben, Parfum, Linalool. Camphor is extracted from leaves and wood of a camphor tree Ciamomum camphora growing in India and China. It is a popular component, it is used as independent means. Massage technicians with use of camphor remove puffiness, swellings, doing skin of softer. Is suitable for sports massage, at the angry and dry skin care in injuries, bruises and stretchings. Red pepper - has the strong warming effect, activates exchange processes in muscle tissue, improves microcirculation. Reduces puffiness, removes a muscular spasm, is a conductor for other medical components. Blocks action of the chemical mediators provoking inflammation and transferring painful impulses in central nervous system. Powder of red pepper is applied in many official medications: for grindings in sciaticas and neuralgia, as a part of frostbite ointment. - At joint or myshechnoybol red pepper is rubbed or imposed on skin as it is an effective stimulator of blood circulation and nerve terminations of skin. Exchange processes improve, there is a caumesthesia and pain decreases. Extract is applied in joint pains of various origin, long loadings, weight in legs. Route of administration: to rub balm the massing movements before emergence of the warming effect. To cover the warmed area with cotton fabric and to warm. Contraindications: individual intolerance of components. Side effects are not revealed. In case of allergic reactions to stop use and to consult with the doctor. Precautionary measures: not to allow hit in eyes and on mucous. At hit to wash out a large amount of water. Made: LLC KorolyovPharm, 141074, Russian Federation, Moscow Region. Queens, Pionerskaya St., 4 by request Skimed, 129626, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kulakov Lane, 9, building 1, floor 5, office 523 the Authorized representative of the manufacturer on acceptance of claims from the consumer: LLC Skimed, 129626, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kulakov Lane, 9, building 1, floor 5, office 523. Phone number: (495) 686-08-42 There corresponds TR CU 009/2011 Packaging: tuba of 50 ml. Storage conditions: to store at a temperature from + 5 to + 25C. Expiration date: 24 months. Date of production is specified on a tuba seam. Is not medicine. The organization accepting claims (offer) in RK: Representative office of CJSC Exportpharm in the Republic of Kazakhstan: 110000. Kostanay, Baymagambetov Street, 166a, ph. (7142) 54-08-42
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