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Baby Bifiform 7 ml oily solution

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Bifiform Bebi
Sostavdnevnaya a dose (0, 5 g) contains: Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 - 1х109 KOEStreptococcus thermophilus TH-4 - 1х108 KOEvspomogatelnyy substances: maltodextrin, silicon the dioxide, triglycerides of an average chain received from coconut and palm oil.
UpakovkaFlakon containing 6.9 ml of Solutio oleosa, corked by the cover containing 160 mg of powder complete with the dosing pipette. When mixing 7 ml of suspension (not less than 10 doses) turn out.
Pharmacological deystviyebifiform Bebi for children from the first days of life is a source of beneficial pro-biotic bacteria for intestinal microflora normalization.
The original koinstruktion of a bottle allows to prepare suspension before use on all course of treatment and to precisely dose it by means of the pipette.
PokazaniyaBifiform Bebi is recommended as a source of beneficial pro-biotic bacteria for normalization of intestinal microflora for children from the first days of life.
ProtivopokazaniyaIndividualnyy intolerance of components.
And to dozyprinimat a route of administration to children from the first days of life and the adult on one dose a day during meal (the mark in the pipette corresponds to 1 dose (0.5 g). Reception duration - 10 days and more.
With effort to turn a cover clockwise until powder from a cover does not get to oil. To stir up a small bottle for hashing of powder with oil before each dosing of suspension. Emergence noticeable to an eye of particles in suspension is possible. To uncover. By means of the dosing pipette to gain necessary amount of suspension. The mark in the pipette corresponds to one dose.
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