Ateroklefit Bio 250 mg (30 capsules)

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Ateroclefit BIO Scagite to cholesterol no! Accept Ateroclefit Biot High cholesterol – as the silent killer – slowly but surely destroys our cardiovascular system. It in literal sense spoils walls of vessels, turning them into similarity of rusty water pipes. If in time not to take a measure, business can come to an end in the real vascular crash. Will help to support normal cholesterol level a complex of biologically active components of Ateroclefit BIO. Ateroclefit BIO promotes: · to maintenance of the correct exchange of cholesterol and its normal level in blood, · to maintenance of a condition of vessels and indicators of viscosity of blood it is normal. Normal level of cholesterol maintains health of a cardiovascular system on which your health in general in many respects depends. Ateroclefit BIO is a complex of biologically active agents of extract of a red clover, extract of flowers and leaves of a hawthorn, vitamins C (ascorbic acid), PP (niacin) and Rutinum which promotes maintenance of lipidic exchange and the correct exchange of cholesterol, to preservation of a functional condition of a cardiovascular system is normal. Ateroclefit – general cleaning of vessels from cholesterol! In addition, for maintenance of health of heart and vessels, you can accept vitamins of the directed action WILL DIRECT. Vitamins for heart. Daily reception of 1 tablet (course of 30 days) promotes maintenance of a functional condition of a cardiovascular system. Structure 2 capsules (daily reception) the Mass of % of RSN contain Extract of a clover of 150 mg 17 (flavonoids) Extract of flowers and leaves of a hawthorn of 30 mg of Routines of 2 mg Vitamin C of 70 mg 117 * PP vitamin (Niacinum) of 20 mg of NE 111 * * does not exceed the top acceptable level of daily consumption Additional information the Route of administration by the Adult on 1 capsule 2 times a day at meal time. Reception duration — 1 month. After a 10-day break the reception can be repeated. It is not recommended At individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 14.01.2015. Form of release of Capsule No. 30, 60
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