ArtroSila 0.4g (40 capsules)

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The instruction for use of the ArtroSila capsules a human body glitches With age, both at elderly, and young people have problems with joints and bones, such as: an inflammatory disease of joints (arthritis), age deformation of joints (arthrosis), decrease in density of bones (osteoporosis), wear of a cartilage, there are injuries, dislocations, cracks and bone fractures, etc. For improvement and improvement of a condition of joints and bones, strengthening and restoration of bone and muscle tissue the ArtroSila capsules will help. The ArtroSila capsules are created on the basis of modern scientific and technological ways of processing, with use of vegetable herbs, fruits and seeds, traditional prescriptions of east medicine. Their purpose was known by ancient east doctors who used nonconventional methods for health of joints and bones. Main components: (0.4/capsule) - atraktilodes lanceolate 59 mg, - an evkommiya of vyazovidny 44 mg, - a scurfy pea of leshchinolistny 44 mg, - seeds of radish of garden 39 mg, - a ginura of pinnatifid 39 mg, - a dalyanvansky oyster (sink) of 39 mg, - a fruit of an alpiniya of acutifoliate 37 mg, - soy isoflavone of 37 mg, - cinnamon (Chinese) 33 mg, - a purslane of garden 29 mg. Main actions: Ø promotes removal of inflammation, hypostases and constraint of joints, Ø increases elasticity of muscle tissue, Ø improves production of synovial fluid, Ø promotes processes of natural updating and restoration of cartilaginous tissue, Ø helps to restore functions of the musculoskeletal system at degenerative dystrophic changes, Ø helps removal of the accompanying syndromes in a bone and articulate system experiencing the greatest physical activity, thereby reduces discomfort of the movement, Ø increases formation of bone trabeculas, stimulating accretion and increase in density of bones, Ø normalizes the general condition of an organism, slows down aging process. Reception and dosage: 2-3 times a day, on 2-3 capsules at one time, after meal. Reception duration not less than one month. Contraindications: It is not recommended to use by the persons suffering from hypersensitivity to the dietary supplement components and children up to 14 years. Storage conditions: To store at the room temperature in the place, dry, inaccessible for children. Expiration date: 2 years. Date of production: To look on packing. Prescription status: Without prescription of the doctor. Manufacturer: Guizhou Miaoyitang Yaoye Co., Ltd, Province of Guizhou, People's Republic of China. Certificate of state registration: No. KZ. of 14.02.2014. The organization accepting claims in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Health Rising LLP (Hels Raysing). Address of the enterprise: 050014, Almaty, Angarskaya St. 111a. Bodies (Hotline): +7 727 327 27 91 dietary supplement to food. Is not medicine!
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