Artra® MSM (Glucosamine + Chondroitin) 60 tablets

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Ingredient: Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine Sulphate

What is Artra® MSM?

Artra® MSM is a thoughtfully crafted supplement, designed to support those navigating the challenges of joint discomfort and mobility issues. It uniquely blends three key ingredients: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), each with a solid foundation in scientific research.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are renowned for their role in the maintenance and repair of cartilage, the cushioning material at joints, promoting joint health and flexibility. MSM, a naturally occurring compound found in plants, animals, and humans, is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory properties, potentially easing joint pain and swelling.

This synergistic trio aims to not only alleviate discomfort but also to support the underlying health of joint structures, making Artra® MSM a go-to companion for those seeking to maintain an active, vibrant lifestyle despite joint health challenges.



Film-coated tablets, weighing 1690 mg.

1 dose (2 tab.) % of ACL*
Glucosamine 832 mg 119**
Chondroitin sulfate 736 mg 123**
Hyaluronic acid 20 mg 40

* % of the adequate level of consumption (ACL) according to the Uniform requirements of the EurAsEC Customs Union;
** does not exceed the upper allowable consumption level.



  • Glucosamine hydrochloride

  • Chondroitin sulfate sodium

  • Methylsulfonylmethane

  • Carrier cellulose microcrystalline

  • Carmellose carrier

  • Calcium orthophosphate stabilizer 2-substituted

  • Purified water

  • Stearic acid stabilizer

  • Carrier hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

  • Sodium hyaluronate

  • Polydextrose stabilizer

  • Magnesium stearate stabilizer

  • Carrier titanium dioxide

  • Silica anti-caking agent

  • Anti-caking agent talc

  • Maltodextrin

  • Dyes iron oxides and hydroxides

  • Medium chain triglycerides.


Pharmachologic effect

Biologically active food supplement. Artra® MSM contains high concentrations of glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and methylsufonylmethane (MSM), which in combination show synergy, complementing and enhancing the effects of each other.

With age, the synthesis of glucosamine and chondroitin decreases, and methylsulfonylmethane (a natural source of sulfur) enters the body in negligible amounts.
Chondroitin and glucosamine play an important role in the restoration of connective tissue, improve the depreciation properties of cartilage, and increase joint mobility.

Components of Artra® MSM:

  • help reduce inflammation and pain in the joints;

  • help increase joint mobility;

  • contribute to the acceleration of the regeneration of cartilage tissue;

  • contribute to the protection of articular cartilage;

  • The components are a source for the formation of the cartilage matrix and connective tissue, contributing to their recovery.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are involved in the synthesis of connective tissue. Glucosamine is a structural component for the formation (synthesis) of other components of cartilage structures, inhibits the development of degenerative processes in the joints, and restores their function. The introduction of exogenous glucosamine enhances the production of cartilage matrix.

Chondroitin sulfate sodium serves as an additional substrate for the formation of a healthy cartilage matrix, is part of the synovial (articular) fluid, which ensures the sliding of the articular surfaces, and also nourishes the cartilage; helps reduce the need for NSAIDs.

Hyaluronic acid is part of the joint fluid, where it acts as a lubricant, reducing friction between the articular surfaces, is part of the cartilage, where it performs a "spring" function (supports the stability of the cartilage tissue and compression), is an important component of the synovial fluid, determining its viscoelastic properties , it forms a covering layer on the entire inner surface, which protects the articular cartilage and synovial membrane from mechanical damage, as well as from free radicals and inflammatory factors.

On the surface of the mucous membranes, hyaluronic acid forms a thin, semi-permeable protective layer, covering the nerve endings and preventing irritation; stimulates the formation of collagen.

Methylsulfonylmethane is a source of sulfur that is biologically available to the body - a component of proteins that make up all connective tissues. MSM reduces the risk of inflammation, accelerates the synthesis of collagen proteins and helps maintain healthy joints.



As a biologically active food supplement:

  • to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints;

  • to increase joint mobility.

Recommendations for use

Adults - 2 tablets 1 time per day with meals.

Duration of admission - 2 months.



  • individual intolerance to the components of the product;

  • kidney failure;

  • pregnancy;

  • lactation.


Special Instructions

Before use, you should consult with your doctor.


Storage conditions

The product should be stored out of the reach of children at a temperature of 15° to 25°C and a relative humidity of no more than 60%.
Shelf life - 2 years.
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