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Aqua Maris ectoine 20 ml nasal spray

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The name of a product of medical purpose
of AKVA MARIS® Ektoin
Sprey of nasal 20 ml

Structure and the description of a product
Ektoin – 2.0%
of Sodium chloride (sea salt) – 0.9%
Water – up to 100%
does not contain preservatives.
Does not contain lactose and gluten.
Sprey for a nose Akwa of Maris® Ektoin is a natural product which facilitates symptoms of allergic rhinitis and promotes regeneration of the mucous membrane of a nose injured under the influence of allergens.
Sprey for a nose Akwa of Maris® Ektoin contains a combination of an ektoin and isotonic solution of sea salt.
Ektoin – biologically active substance synthesized in the nature by the halophilic microorganisms capable to exist in extremely unfavorable conditions of the environment (saline soils and other). Ektoin has powerful hydrophilic and cytoprotective properties, stabilizes cell membranes and protects them from damage by aggressive factors of the environment. Due to formation of hydrogen bindings each molecule of an ektoin is capable to connect 4 molecules of water, thanks to it on a mucosal surface of a cover of a nose the protective hydrocomplex interfering contact of allergens with cells of a mucous membrane is formed. Thus, further development of allergic reaction is blocked and the expressiveness of manifestations of allergic rhinitis decreases. At the same time allergens are fixed on a surface of a protective hydrocomplex and can be effectively removed from a nasal cavity during the washing or a vysmarkivaniye.
Isotonic solution of natural sea salt promotes mechanical removal from a mucosal surface of a nose of allergens, cleans a mucosal surface from the street and house dust which accumulated on it.
Microelements and minerals of natural sea salt improve function of a ciliary epithelium, have anti-inflammatory and recovery effect on a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity.
The name and (or) the trademark
of the JSC YaDRAN manufacturing organization Galenski

of the Area of application Laboratories
- in allergic rhinitis (facilitates such symptoms of an allergy as an itching and cold, sneezing and congestion of a nose),
- for protection of a nasal epithelium in the period of the increased influence of pollen, house dust or other particles which are contained in air (reduces an adverse effect of allergens on the angry mucous membrane of a nose, it is also recommended for preventive use).

A route of administration
to Children since 2 years and the adult on 1-2 injections in each nostril 3-4 times a day.
To children 10 years are younger to apply only under control of parents.
Before the first use remove a protective cap and press the spray 2‑3 times to remove from it air. Do not cut off a tip. If function of spray is broken (for example if spray was in horizontal position), then, holding spray in vertical position, press several times the spray.
· carefully blow the nose to clean nostrils,
· remove a protective cap,
· take spray an index and middle finger on both sides of a spray tip, you hold with a thumb a bottle bottom. Incline the head a little forward and close one nostril, having slightly pressed it a finger,
· begin to inhale carefully through an open nostril,
· quickly and against the stop press the spray that liquid got into a nostril. Continue to inhale through this nostril,
· enter a spray tip into other nostril,
· repeat step by step all described above for other nostril,
· wipe a spray tip a clean nonwoven napkin,
· close a bottle a protective cap.
For hygienic reasons each product has to be used only by one person. After each use wipe dry and close a spray tip.

To Store storage conditions at a temperature not above 25ºС.
To store out of children's reach!

Expiration date
3 years.
To use within 6 weeks after opening of a bottle.
Not to apply after an expiration date.

Manufacturing organization:
Name, country and also legal address
of the JSC Yadran manufacturing organization Galenski of Laboratories, 51000, Svilno 20, Rijeka, Croatia.
Additional information:

Side effect (influence, individual intolerance)
is not revealed

Contraindications for use

Precautionary measures (safety) are not revealed
not to use at hypersensitivity to sea water.
Pregnancy and a lactation
Pregnancy and feeding by a breast is not a contraindication to drug use.
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