Allergiz 800 mg nasal spray powder

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The instruction for medical use of a product of medical purpose the Name of a product of medical purpose Allergiz® Structure and the description of a product nasal powder spray, consists only of natural components. Ingredients: powder of cellulose of plant origin and powder of a peppermint. Description: fine powder of white or it is close to white colors, to a light aroma of mint. On 800 mg in a bottle from polyethylene with the patent doser and the screw-on cap. 1 bottle together with the instruction is placed in a pack from cardboard. Does not contain drugs, preservatives and also systemically and locally active ingredients, fast action, with clinically proved efficiency. Does not cause accustoming and drowsiness. nasal spray improves quality of the inhaled air due to filtration of allergens therefore only the purified air comes to lungs. Аллергиз® getting on mucous a nose, forms a thin transparent gel plenochka which covers a nasal cavity and acts as a natural barrier from dust, microbes and other aeroallergens. Аллергиз® helpsto an organism the protection mechanism thanks to which the allergens which are present at air are blocked, thereby influences the causes of an allergy and prevents development of allergic reactions. One bottle contains up to 200 doses and is calculated up to 30 days of use. The scope of Allergiz® is applied to treatment and prevention of seasonal, year-round rhinitis and serves as a natural barrier from aeroallergens: - pollen of plants - household allergens (pincers of house dust, household dust) - fungal allergens - epidermal allergens of animals and birds - allergens of cockroaches and other insects - the chemical allergens and other microparticles getting into a nasal cavity at breath. The route of administration Is applied at children from 1.5 years, only under observation of adults, at adults, at women during pregnancy and feeding by a breast. It is recommended to use Allergiz® in advance, before expected contact with allergens, for example, before an exit to the street during a blooming period of plants, visit of crowded places, carrying out house cleaning, contact with pets. Usually for stopping of symptoms of an allergy it is enough on one injection in each nostril 3 times a day. Action comes in a few minutes. Before each use of Allergiz® it is recommended to stir up a bottle. IInstruktsiya on use 1. At the first use it is recommended to adjust the portioning device on receiving an optimum dose. For this purpose it is necessary to arrange a bottle doser from itself and, having slightly pressed bottle walls, to make 2 trial injections in air – you will see a stream of white powder and feel a light aroma of mint. 2. Accurately clean a nose. 3. Make an exhalation. 4. Clamp a finger one nostril. 5. Place a bottle tip in other nostril. 6. Slowly, but strong squeeze bottle walls for discharge of one stream of powder, at the same time carefully inhaling it. 7. Hold the breath for two seconds and make a deep quiet breath that drug got into the nasal courses. 8. Repeat the procedure with other nostril. Use drug as required. To gain the maximum effect when using Allergiz®, it is necessary to support existence of a constant layer of powder on the internal surface of a nose. It creates a barrier between allergen and a sensitive membrane mucous a nose - thus, the natural protective system of an organism does not allocate a histamine which causes emergence of symptoms of an allergy. Apply Allergiz® before interaction with the Wednesday containing inhalation allergens. Do not forget to apply repeatedly means after each clarification of a nose. The ATTENTION At contact of a tip of a bottle from a moist mucous nasal cavity is possible formation of a gel pro-barrel in the doser. In this case it is necessary to clean a trailer opening of the doser – spray. Not to apply a contraindication at hypersensitivity to cellulose and mint. Side effects In a type of the fact that active components of a medical product do not come to a system blood stream and have no local effect, side effects are not noted. Precautionary measures Only for intranasal use. Not to use along with other nasal sprays since it can reduce efficiency of Allergiz®. At hit of powder in eyes it is recommended to wash them with water. At emergence of allergic reaction consult with the doctor. Keep a bottle and its tip dry. Do not wash a bottle with water or other liquids as water can get to it. To Store storage conditions in the dry place, at a temperature not higher than 25 wasps. The cap of a bottle has to be densely closed. Not to apply at damage of a bottle. To store out of children's reach! Period of storage 3 years. Not to use after an expiration date. Nazaliz Ltd manufacturing organization. Unit 3, Woodside House, Ballafletcher Business Park, Douglas, IM4 4QE, Isle of Man, Great Britain. Holder of the registration certificate of Seltfar Ltd. Suite 12, 2-nd floor, Queens House, 180 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7 PD, Great Britain. The organization taking in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims on products of medical purpose from consumers and responsible for post-registration observation for safety: Representative office of Seltfar SA. Almaty, Al-Farabi Ave. 5, Nurla Tau 1A, office 301. Bodies fax +7 (727) 311 16 28. Аллергиз® is a product of medical purpose, has marking of SE and conforms to requirements of Directive 93/42 of the European Union.
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