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Extract of an evrikoma dlinnolistny this scientific name of a Malaysian plant which locals call Ali's Root. In Asia this plant was used many years for increase in sexual desire.

- Extract of a dwarfish palm tree fruits of this tree at regular use stimulate work of a hormonal system, including gonads, increase products of semen, raise sexual desire and have anti-inflammatory effect in infections of an urinogenital system

- Extract of a leaf of Damiana Indians Maya called love Drop damiana extract. Has exciting effect, strengthening sexual desire.


Pasak Bumi extract (extract of an evrikoma dlinnolistny), palm tree creeping (extract of a dwarfish palm tree), extract of a leaf of Damiana.


of dietary supplement of Ali caps it is recommended in erectile dysfunction at adult men of any age.

To Accept use to men on 1 capsule a day in the first half of day at meal time, washing down with water. Duration of reception is up to 1 month.
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